Happy green paint is not happy.


Complete silence post birthday-party. My 7 year old and a 6 year old friend…who should have known better…covered the table…and leather chairs…in green paint. What I didn’t take a pic of was the green wooden floors as well. Awesome.

Submitted by: Argh.

Shaving Cream Fun

My kids got a can of shaving cream and decided it would be fun to see what happened if the put it in the portable AC. Oh yeah, and the is sharpie on the wall from a previous “incident”.

My rearview in hindsight…

In hindsight, maybe letting my kids have free reign of the car while I pulled mildewing sippy cups from under the seats and chiseling granola bars and sucker sticks from the upholstry in a futile attempt to clean my car. My (almost) 5 year old’s response was, “Uh-oh! MOM!” and my (almost) 3 year old’s first response was “I didn’t do it!” Uh-huh. He’s the one in the pictures wearing a shirt that appropriately says “Looks can be deceiving.”


Submitted by: Tahirih via SMKR Facebook