Pumpkin Pie

Who stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie?
Lucy stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie.
Who me?
Yes you.
Not me, couldn’t be.

uh… yeah… right

Glass Table on Babysitter’s Watch


While babysitting three kids and making mac and cheese in the kitchen, I hear a loud smash right in the next room (just a half wall between us) and knew it could only be one thing. I look over the wall to see a stunned four year old and lots of broken glass. Amazingly, he had no injuries and the other younger ones had been with me. Clean up was such a pain! I still have NO idea how it happened because, of course, his story didnt fit the scene!! Lucky for me I still babysit these kids and their mom just said “I knew it would happen eventually!!”


Submitted by: Kristin

Sooner Or Later

Sooner or later he breaks everything.

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