The Amazon Rainforest!

He may only be 10 months old, but see the look in his eyes? He knows what an environmental little terrorist he is…

This Was Once A Door

This was once a door.

Submitted by: Darryl

2 Year-Old Buys $245 Worth of Lobster

Maine Lobster

On vacation with my family, we stopped at a random store to get some things. After hours in the car, my two year old son was being a devil, so to calm him down, I let him play some games on my iPhone. I handed it to him, he unlocked it, and hit the first button he saw. I grabbed the phone back right as it said “Thank you! Your Groupon will be available shortly!”.

Oh crap! I was just praying it was something cheap and usable. Nope! It was $245 worth of Maine Lobster by mail! It charged my card $85 and debited $20 in Groupon Credit.

LUCKILY, even on a Sunday, the customer service at Groupon was phenomenal, and gave me a refund a few hours later, but not without poking fun at me a bit first. My wife was not impressed with this whole situation.

Submitted by: Bob