Parenting Tip #462


NEVER leave your boys unattended for >45 seconds!
“All set for our open house?”
“Yes dear – where are the boys?”
“Uh…I thought they were with you…”

Submitted by: Scott S.

This Took Weeks To Clean Up

They made themselves “snowmen”.  This took weeks to clean up.  Thanks MIL for sending our Christmas stuff in all this packing.  My sanity was ruined.

Submitted by: Brandy

My Kid Ruined All My Towels!


I left my *not crawling* 6 month old daughter sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor while I went for a quick pee. A minute later I come in to find that she had went across the kitchen and opened the cupboard and poured 2 litres of vegetable oil on the floor. I didn’t have 87 rolls of paper towel to clean it up so I had to use my towels…..washed them a million times and they smelled like they were deep fried. $200 later on towels!!!



Submitted by: Brie S.