My Future Exercise Room

My future exercise room.  He’s 22.  The fun never ends.

Submitted by: Sillyewe

craft table

At a birthday party we left the kids alone downstairs. One Mom decided to check on them and they had done this. Emtied all the bottles of paint onto the craft table. My friends little boy said he thought it was ok because he thought it was on a “tray” or at least contained. The two kids in the first photo had nothing to do with it they just happened to be there when I took the photo.



My 10 month old baby girl started climbing the couches from the day she could walk. She’s been aching to get a hold of those curtains, and well, she did. She ripped out the middle and left anchors, taking away our privacy. She says “Hi World!” I’m pretty sure our cats are sitting in the corner laughing because it wasn’t them for once.

Submitted by: Jennifer P.