The Amazon Rainforest!

He may only be 10 months old, but see the look in his eyes? He knows what an environmental little terrorist he is…

Any Chance I'll Finish The Laundry … Ever

SMKR’s kids have ruined any chance I’ll actually “finish” the laundry.  Ever.  

Submitted by: ME

SMKR NOTE:  Happy to report I’ve gotten through two-thirds of it, and my children will not wear pajama pants to school even once this week.  Also, my 5T child will not have to wear 2T underwear.

Now That It’s Paid Off

I sent my 4 year old son out to get in the car while I was wrestling my newborn into his car seat all the while forgetting that I had locked all the doors.
Who knew that he was so strong and so determined and so hell bent on destroying the newly PAID OFF car.