In the name of brushing your teeth


After having dinner at a friends house, the adults sat around the kitchen table talking about this that and the other while the three kids played with toys in the living room and up stairs in the boys room. If you have kids having a conversation with adults is a real treat! Well a couple of hours into our conversation her youngest boy draws attention to the fact that they had gotten into the tooth paste! So the three of us go to find out what the damage was…And found my daughter brushing her teeth and dipping the tooth brush in the toilet to wet it! All in the name of brushing her teeth!



Submitted by: Samantha Bigelow

My Conference Call

Note that the crying from my son is actually the same volume as the crying from my customers.

Acetone + Brand New $1000 Kitchen Table

It took 2 seconds for my 10 year/old and the acetone to do this to my brand new $1000 kitchen table.

Submitted by: Chris