My Afternoon Snack

I hear “thud, stomp stomp stomp.” coming from my kitchen and walk into this. She ruined my afternoon snack.

Submitted by: Bubbles

The Shirt Says It All

I should have known when I put him in a shirt that says, “Big Trouble in a Little Shirt” that he would have to prove it to me. A whole bag of shredded cheese dumped on the floor in the time it took me to turn my back and push in his high chair….and 5 minutes after I had swept the floor. Of course.

The Peanut Butter Incident


I left my 3 yr old alone while I went to the bathroom. I came back to find he’d found a step ladder, used it properly, and gotten the peanut butter off of the top shelf in the food cabinet. He then proceeded to open it and eat some with his hands before deciding that it wasn’t crunchy enough and mixing dog food into it.