Facebook Caption Contest

From our Facebook Community Page!

20 Votes:  Kari Novakovich “I’ll never invite Lindsay Lohan over for a play date again!”

17 Votes:  Kimberly Churchill “It’s the only way to find an invisible friend.”

16 Votes:  Dominga Leway “It looked a lot cooler in Scarface.”

13 Votes:  Jamie O’Hare “By my third birthday I learned a big lesson: there’s no such thing as doing a little recreational blow.“

11 Votes:  Amanda Jones Monroe “Just a little more chalk so I can stick the dismount!”

10 Votes each:

  • Renee Maynard Gifford “I say that’s Charlie Sheens coffee table….just sayin…”
  • Kelly Sigle Pillsbury “doughboy murder scene”
  • Kelly Beckman-Crabtree “Just another afternoon at Charlie Sheen’s daycare. Winning!”
  • Adam Atherton “This was the last time Pablo Escobar offered to babysit his nephew.“
  • Leesa Kirkland ‎”Someone broke in while you were gone, Mom. So I dusted for prints!”
  • Jason Scott ‎”And that’s the last time we let Charlie Sheen baby sit.”


My Husband’s Favorite Armchair

My husbands favorite arm chair… in a matter of 5 minutes or LESS…

Submitted by: Kim

Ovens – not just for food anymore


Always be sure to let everyone know if your son is playing with plastic bowls on, near or in the oven! We went to heat up the oven for dinner and were shocked when smoke filled the entire house. And what a refreshing smell…I love the smell of burnt plastic bowls in the morning.

Submitted by: Ted