Handmade Ukrainian Easter Eggs

When my daughter was 4 she smashed open about a dozen of my Ukrainian Easter Eggs that I had spent several hours making.  When I asked her why, she said she was looking for the chocolate.  This is a photo of what they used to look like.  I have no after photos, but you all know what broken egg shells look like.

Submitted by: Helen

Birthday Cake

This was a spongebob squarepants cake.  I was making them for a the daughter of a friend of mine.  It took my daughter less than a minute to destroy what I spend over an hour decorating.

Submitted by: Amity

Oh no!  SMKR thinks this might be the offspring if ShitMyKidsRuined.com mated with CakeWrecks.com.

The Martha Stewart GLITTER Destruction

Was up late the night before with a sickness that’s going around. So after deciding to sleep in, my almost 4 year-old granddaughter decided differently. She would rather dump almost $100.00 in Martha Stewart Glitters in to one big pile in my bedroom floor. Everything I own is covered in Glitter, the house, my room, even the darn dogs are covered in glitter….. She told me when I asked her what this mess was, “I made Bad Bad Choices, Grandma it will be ok.” It’s hard to whoop the butt of someone so sweet, even with the smell of destruction lingering in the air.

Submitted by: Christina S.