Shredded Ticket


My son, Bryce, who is 2 years old, shredded our lotto ticket with 16 draws left on it. It was a $100 ticket. My husband left our office door open and our son climbed the desk, plucked the lotto ticket from the basket, put it in the shredder saying ‘Bills, bills’ as he shredded it.

Frantic, I searched through the shopping bag that lined the basket of the shredder, found most of the pieces and put them together. When we called Florida Lotto they said that the ticket is now useless in its condition.

We’ve not won anything from it yet, but this could be an EPIC FAIL if we do. I’m going to neatly place it in my son’s baby book, if we do win, as a constant reminder of why he is the only 16 year old kid WITHOUT a car of his own. LOL

Submitted by: Melissa H.

Pimp My Ride


While I was out grocery shopping, I walked past the front of my car and found that it had been decorated in permanent red ink. I thought, “AHHHHHH!!!!! How long has THAT been there?!!” While grey cars don’t show dirt, they show red ink really well. Due to the writing style, I suspect it was my 4 year old. I don’t know where she got the pen, and I can’t figure out when she did this. At least she didn’t draw racing stripes down the sides, but that’s where the scratches are from the bicycle handles. I think Santa will be adding a check mark for her on the naughty list.



Submitted by: Ann W.

Van Gogh Would Be Proud

My 3-year old at the time, said this was a self portrait!! Van Gogh would be proud!!

Submitted by: Carrie