Lamp + Spiderman

Kid who thinks he’s Spiderman 1, Lamp 0.

Submitted by: Compwalla


After eating pizza at the computer, I left the dipping cup where my two year old could reach it. When she came wandering upstairs ten minutes later covered in sauce from head to toe, I thought that was the worst of the damage. I failed to notice the sauce trail up the stairs leading back to the computer for another twenty minutes. After popping every single key off the keyboard and cleaning with q-tips, the keyboard works again.

Submitted by: Janel

I Now Have a Minty Fresh Bathroom


Well I guess my 3 year old got a little bored and decided to go play with her brother’s toothpaste. She squirted it out and then she apparently thought she needed to squish her toes in it too. Nice!


Submitted by: Elizabeth G.