Slink has pink eye!

Brand new and most treasured toy of Veronica and not only is slink pink so is my carpet and my daughter.

SMKR: My Relaxing Morning Coffee

My 16 month-old felt that his mini Tonka truck needed to go for a swim in Mommy’s morning coffee *sigh*

Submitted by: Sue&Yves

What My Son Thinks of Philosophy



After our two-year-old son’s bath we decided to let him air out. I know, you already know what’s going to happen. While I was working on some work for my graduate program my wife heard, “poo, poo, poo.” That usually means “Winnie the Pooh,” but this time, you guessed it-he took a crap right on one of my reading assignments for a philosophy of language course. I guess my son has an early start at hating “the linguistic turn” in philosophy. I think Deleuze did the exact same thing once.