Uh oh, Mario!

As I look through this website, I can’t help but think that I have a ton of things I can contribute. Poor Mario, one piece at a time our son breaks him down and ruins his confidence.

Yes, a little boy did this, not a dog! (Pica is a related symptom of autism)

Lulu Versus Mum’s iPhone

Our 2 your old insisted on calling dad to get him to turn the TV back on. When daddy said no TV what what do you think happened. Lulu went postal on mum’s phone!

Submitted by: Cristina

My White Shirt

Ruined my white shirt.

Submitted by: Christi

SMKR Note: This is one of those gems in the file of Shit They Don’t Tell You Before Kids.  Those mustard diaper blowouts are un-freakin’-believable.