The Sewing Room

While mommy was checking the mail, our 3 year old got in the sewing room…might just be easier to have a controlled fire to clean room up and find all the pins and needles on the floor

Submitted by: Benjamin

46″ LCD TV + Hurled Golf Ball = My Six-Year Old’s First Major Purchase


Pretty much deliberate, trying to out-cool a buddy over for a playdate. We emptied out his bank account and his piggy banks for a down payment and he’ll be paying down the remainder until he’s twenty if necessary. Anyone need their car vacuumed? Dog walked? Gutters cleaned? Crawl space insulated?

Submitted by: Randy

The dog and the cheese.

This is the 2nd time she painted solo. The first time, she woke up extra early one morning and instead of waking me…..she got the paint…the red paint. She painted herself, a backdoor, 3 kitchen cabinets fronts, an oval-ish shape on the wall by the t.v. , the fireplace surround on the left hand side and 1/4 of a weenie dog…oh and 3 pieces of cheese.

This time she pretty much limited her canvas to her self, and her shoes.