Key Fob vs. Garbage Disposal

My five-year-old son and his friend, while having a pillow fight, knocked my keys off the bar and into the sink, where they fell into the garbage disposal. He swears he thought the sound was a spoon falling in. I found this out only later, when I turned on the disposal and heard the god-awful shrieking of metal on metal.
It’s $300 or so to replace this key fob, BTW.

boycotting the peanut butter recall

after cleaning the whole kitchen,sit down to watch a movie….my husband wakes to hear me screamin what the f*@#????????????…devan decided to get rid of the peanut butter that was recalled….

John Legend’s Grammy Broken

S M K R:  Bringing You Up-To-The-Minute News on Kid-Ruined Stuff

John Legend’s Grammy Broken By Nephews!

It’s been brought to my attention by a number of you that John Legend’s nephews broke one of his Grammy Awards!  Is no one immune from the kid-ruined sh*t epidemic?  Not famous singers?  Not even famous singers with no kids?!

From @JohnLegend today:

“Casualty of the nephews staying with me. I hope they send replacement grammys!

SMKR hopes so too, John.  Also, I love your duets with Stephen Colbert.