Diaper Fail

Discount diapers might not have been the right call. Time to replace the carpet.

Her hair! Her beautiful hair!

So in the four years my daughter has been alive, she has done it all. Baby oil, shampoo pasted bathroom; baby powder snowstorms, fingernail polish in the carpet, fried two DVRs with juice…you name it she has done it!

The latest though..literally brought me to tears. In a matter of ten minutes alone, she scaled the bathroom cabinet, got Daddy’s beard scissors from the top shelve of the medicine cabinet and…

I walk into the playroom to find her huddled in the corner, the room covered in hair! I screamed, “Why?, your hair…your beautiful hair!”

She claimed she was trying to make a beautiful hairstyle. She is now wearing hats, everywhere we go! There are literally chunks missing everywhere, none of it is salvageable.

Here are the after pics…



Submitted by: Trina W.

Nail Polish + Carpet

…a few bottles of mommy’s nail polish & supplies as well as the carpet.

Submitted by: Sean