Sad Dog


My husband and I were out in the barn cleaning while my children decided to go back into the house. They were inside for 5-10 min. When we came back in, and the puppy had been sharpie’d on. My daughter always wanted a pink puppy, so she took it upon herself to draw pink and purple on the dog. I guess it would be her revenge on the dog since the dog loves to follow her and pull her undies down…..Great, thanks Mia!

Submitted by: Elizabeth L.

Rock On!


Don’t leave permanent markers where your kids can find them, or you may end up with a two year-old Gene Simmons too!

Submitted by: Molly

DVD Nightmare!

2012-02-15 12.33.52

We used to boast a huge DVD collection. The cases are missing DVD’s and games and the DVD’s are missing cases. Note the scratches on the DVD’s, this is on every single disk. This started after child number 2. I now have 3 children. I wish I knew about this site years ago. I have hundreds of stories

2012-02-15 12.34.12

Submitted by: Tracy B.