Rice pudding, meet laptop.

rice pudding laptop

30 seconds of my inattention was all it took for my 16 month old son to smear a bowl full of rice pudding into my laptop. At least he didn’t dump his sippy cup on it again!

Submitted by: Chloe

Scars are Sexy?


Kurtis has previously made an appearance on this website (and in the book) when he broke the door of a Microwave off its hinges with his head. Well this week while at Kayaking camp (way out of town) Kurtis ran into a flipping pole on a playground. He popped open the skin so well you could see his skull. After an ambulance ride, and a CT Scan he received 24 internal stitches and 12 staples. He did miss only one day of camp but I just can’t wait for that bill to come in……


Submitted by: Emily Yankee

He Ruined the Idea of “Vacation”!

My annual two week vacation at the family lake house recklessly feeding my sailing addiction is torpedoed by “The Mangler” (aka Rex, El Diablito, What-Did-He-Get-Into-This-Time?!, The Wanderer).  **Sigh**

Submitted by: Johnny B.