Sock Monkey!

My field general reports that get little brother bit his head off.

Submitted by: Sean T.

The Freezer

My freezer…he did this in three minutes, while I had my back turned to load the empty the dryer. I cried like a baby, because the freezer is the most romantic gift my husband has ever given me.

Submitted by: Nicki

Sadie Gaga strikes again!


I have 3 daughters, ages 4, 2, and 10 months. I had gotten the baby to sleep and put the older girls down for their nap. I had about 30 minutes of quiet bliss that was suddenly interrupted by loud noises coming from the kids’ room. I walked upstairs to see what the problem was only to discover that my 4 year old had PAINTED her sister pink! m

Submitted by: Sorayah