Picasso would be Proud


So my brother decided to do my mom a favour and repaint her walls inside her house. Then put the leftover paint in the garage….. didn’t close the paint tins properly…. NEVERRRRRR leave half open paint tins within reach of aspiring artists ( that happen to be two years old)…. I think it’s safe to say that it will take a long time for my moms sense of humor to be restored :-)

Submitted by: Danielle

At Least He’s Trying to Clean It Up!


My 2 year old apparently doesn’t think his 6 month old brother needs to eat. This is the 2nd time he’s dumped his brothers formula out all over my kitchen floor. At least this time he’s trying to help clean it up (notice the random vacuum parts)

Submitted by: Kim

He’s in a bit of a jam

Went to the kitchen for moment to make breakfast Came out 5 min later and I found Zander covered in Jam, also it on the dog, the floor, the chairs, and the table.

Submitted by: Raychael S.