1995 Infiniti

It’s not just little kids that ruin shit. 16 year olds do too… the 1995 Infiniti is pretty much ruined. (thankfully all walked away)

Submitted by: Jay

The Breadening


I left the loaf of bread on the bench, waiting for toast to pop and obviously that wasn’t good enough for my impatient 18 month old boy. (Note: not the 3 year old girl in picture) This happens a lot! When he’s hungry he gets into the fridge and grabs every egg and smashes it in the playroom on carpet. He even broke the lock of the fridge just to get into it! We dubbed him “Hulk baby”, since he first ripped the fly wire screen off its rails at 10 months old.

Submitted by: Samantha Broes


no it’s not a raccoon, it is my two year old daughter wearing my mascara…I only turned my back for one minute to see this!