DVD Nightmare!

2012-02-15 12.33.52

We used to boast a huge DVD collection. The cases are missing DVD’s and games and the DVD’s are missing cases. Note the scratches on the DVD’s, this is on every single disk. This started after child number 2. I now have 3 children. I wish I knew about this site years ago. I have hundreds of stories

2012-02-15 12.34.12

Submitted by: Tracy B.

My Husband’s Favorite Armchair

My husbands favorite arm chair… in a matter of 5 minutes or LESS…

Submitted by: Kim

Diaper Cream


I was pleasantly surprised how fast my Maddie went down for her nap! until I got a strange feeling and went up to check on her… this is what I found… apparently she ran out… good thing!


Submitted by: Denise R.