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Our house: before kids / after kids

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We used to be so proud of our clean and clutter-free house. We love design furniture and made sure our house looked good all the time….and then we got kids…2 boys….and this is what happened to our house! Before & after kids.

Submitted by: Bob

Facebook Caption Contest!


“meanwhile, at Charlie Sheen’s house…” submitted by: Patrick – 73 votes

“Pair of scissors: $1.27. Collection of 38 barbie dolls: $253.97. Realizing you won’t be able to pass them down to the next kid and have to buy more of these little bitches — PRICELESS.” submitted by: Angie – 57 votes

‎”Sweeney Toddler: The Demon Barber” submitted by: Gretchen- 53 votes

“‎1st rule of Barbie Fight Club-don’t talk about Barbie Fight Club. 2nd rule of Barbie Fight Club-DON’T TALK ABOUT BARBIE FIGHT CLUB!” submitted by: Jaycee – 37 votes

‎”and that’s when I realized I should sleep with one eye open” submitted by: Bridgette – 33 votes