My nose

I was lying on the couch, recovering from an outpatient hospital procedure, when my 4 year-old son inexplicably decided to come over and head butt me right between the eyes. There was a loud *CRACK!* resulting in 2 black eyes from this sweet gesture.

Missing Keys

Take a five minute break from SMKR and this is what two 3 year olds do to my laptop. Thanks guys, now to find the last 4 missing keys……….

Submitted by: Donna

SMKR Note: We LOVE that you were on the SMKR Facebook page, Donna!

this house is not your playground.

Told kid to get in shower while I finished up in the yard, but I guess she wasn’t ready for such a responsibility. When the truth came out, she was trying to SWING from the showerhead.

Submitted by: Becca