Super Beaver!!


When my otherwise sensible six year-old was asked WHY WHY WHY he chewed the banister, he informed me of his secret identity. He said that he turns into a beaver when no one is looking.

Submitted by: Heather Mullins-Teasley

Spicy Floor Recipe

Here’s the recipe. Just pour out and mix together…
7 oz cinnamon, 7 oz baking powder, 4 oz black pepper, 2 oz garam masala, 1 oz cumin, 1 oz nutmeg, 1 oz cream of tartar, 1 oz coriander, 2 oz chili powder, dash of white pepper.

Now, I would have probably mixed it in a bowl, instead of on the floor, but I digress…

Submitted by: Steve

Our Sex Life

Our sex life! haha!

Submitted by: welcometotour