Just in Time For Halloween


Since early childhood, I have had an intense fear of everything clown- from the circus variety to jesters and mimes. So try to imagine my terror when I walked in to my daughter’s bedroom and discovered her like this! I literally screamed. She thought her diaper cream spa treatment was hilarious… until I showed her to a mirror. BTW, her hair has been shampooed three times now and there are still traces of the cream.

Submitted by: Joanna G.

Sports Car + Garage Door

Here’s a little visual taste of this story, discussed below: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/car-life/cheney/globe-journalists-son-crashes-180000-porsche/article1574334/

Thank you, Peter Cheney!

Teenaged Driver

I got a text message from my teenager while I was at work ” the truck is fine. I put a hole in the house. I love you”

My first clue was the addition of the “I love you”.  If he had thrown in a “Mommy” with that, it’s likely I would not have come home that evening from work and just headed to the nearest happy hour…

Needless to say his fall break will be spent repairing the stucco.

Submitted by: Jennifer S.