You Always Wanted a New Toilet, Right?


One evening one of my daughters had diarrhea, so I decided to give her medicine. My mistake was giving it to her while she was still on the toilet because she didn’t like the medicine (drinkable) and threw her head back very hard, breaking the reservoir, the seat top, and the tank cover! She was fine, but I had to seal the crack in the reservoir with silicone until I could go out and buy a new toilet the next day.



Submitted by: Jamie

Upstairs Swimming Pool

This is a hole in my ceiling that my 3 year-old made by turning the upstairs bathroom in to a swimming pool.

Submitted by: Andrea

Sad Dog


My husband and I were out in the barn cleaning while my children decided to go back into the house. They were inside for 5-10 min. When we came back in, and the puppy had been sharpie’d on. My daughter always wanted a pink puppy, so she took it upon herself to draw pink and purple on the dog. I guess it would be her revenge on the dog since the dog loves to follow her and pull her undies down…..Great, thanks Mia!

Submitted by: Elizabeth L.