Cry Over Spilled Milk

Yes, this is an entire gallon of milk.

And yes, I did have to take off the baseboards in the kitchen to get it all cleaned up.

And yes, I now pour my 7 year olds milk if the gallon is more than 1/4 full!


The kids thought that they would build a tree house in the back yard. Somehow that turned into getting out the paint from the garage and start painting. Needless to say things got out of hand quick!

Submitted by: Brad

I can’t believe my eye!


Somehow, in his sleep, my one year old managed to gouge me in the eye with his pointy little finger. Needless to say, a trip to the doctor was in order where he gave me this oh so lovely patch to wear. I didn’t want to see out of that eye anyway…..

Submitted by: Nikki M.