Phone Dunking

My Phone. Matilda at 2 developed a penchant for dunking phones. This happened not once, but 4 times! Once within hours of the replacement phone arriving. Lesson Learned: Make sure that your insurance covers mobile phones. PS: You can also see permanent maker ‘art’ on coffee table.

Submitted by: MyMuses

7 Month-old Pukes on Dog

Everything else in the house has been “broken in” so I guess it was just a matter of time before the dog got some.

Bad Paint Job

This was a hand painted EA-6B Prowler that my husband started painting while he was still active duty and deployed to Afghanistan. He didn’t finish the painting before his deployment ended so a few days ago he decided he was going to finally finish his painting that he had started. Well, our 2 year old decided that HE was going to finish it for him. And this is how it looks.