Red is a Lovely Color!


I was blow drying my hair when I noticed my 2.5 year old standing next to me with a bottle of empty red nail polish in his hands and on his clothes. I looked behind him to notice a lovely red trail that led from the middle of our upstairs hallway all the way to our bathroom (a good 20 feet). Took my husband and I over 3 hours to cut out the nail polish. Lesson learned!!

carpet 012

Submitted by: Selina D.

Parenting Tip #462


NEVER leave your boys unattended for >45 seconds!
“All set for our open house?”
“Yes dear – where are the boys?”
“Uh…I thought they were with you…”

Submitted by: Scott S.

Epic Ruination

The Krasznahorka castle above the villag

Not MY story, but this has to qualify for the Most Epic Shit My Kids Ruined EVER.

Submitted by: Margie H.