Ruined: trust in dad’s ability to babysit!

I was at work one day with dad babysitting, when I get a picture message from dad saying “look what your son got into?”
He said it took him an hour to get the ink off the tiled floor at the scene of the crime.

Oh Sweet Jeebus

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“Hmm, N is pretty quiet. Do you think he’s up to anything?”

A new box of powdered sugar dumped on the table, chairs, floor, stove, counters, in the toaster, through the entire downstairs, up the stairs, through the bedroom, in their hair, covering their clothes. The air tasted sweet, there were clouds of the stuff. It took 2 hours to bathe the kids and clean up all of the sticky powdery mess!

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Submitted by: Skye

Dead Penguin


I open the door to wake up my 2 year old from a nap and this is what I found. Don’t know how long she was working on this but at some point during nap time she got the urge to take out her giant penguin from sea world. Worst part was the statically charged styrofoam particles that refused many attempts to be cleaned up.

Submitted by: Charles M