The Cat Door

Our upstairs neighbors installed a cat door so that my son would stop escaping out the back door.  As you can see that made things worse- it was broken within a day.

Submitted by: Tobia

Vaseline Head

vaseline head

This is a few years old now, but my son has always had long, very thick hair and this picture shows not the first but the second time he decided that a whole tub of vaseline was what was missing from his look……this was also after the half a tub of nappy rash cream incident which was just as delightful to get out as this was!

Submitted by: Alice

My Laptop (Thanks Hubby)

I blame my husband for this really.  I mean, who lets a two year old watch a movie unsupervised on his wife’s laptop so he can still watch the game!?  Come on!

Submitted by: Arlene