Autistic Son + 5 Pound Weight + My Toe

Dec 23 2008 my Autistic son felt he was not getting enough attention as i spoke to a client and threw a 5 pound weight at me and broke my little toe. Merry Christmas!

Submitted by: Laura

Hardly Therapeutic!

We ordered our 7-year old son some theraputty to help out with his sensory issues. Apparently letting it puddle then fuse onto the living room carpet soothes him more than playing with it does.

Antique Wooden Radio

This is a picture of an old Firestone wooden radio that has been in my family for generations. It survived the 1989 Santa Cruz mountains earthquake while everything else in our house was demolished… my 3-year-old son just decided to tear out the upholstery. I see now that generation 4 will not inherit this family heirloom.

Submitted by: Winskie the Pirate