He’s in a bit of a jam

Went to the kitchen for moment to make breakfast Came out 5 min later and I found Zander covered in Jam, also it on the dog, the floor, the chairs, and the table.

Submitted by: Raychael S.

The Whole Dang Thing

They pretty much ruined the whole dang thing.

Submitted by: SMKR

My Kid Ruined All My Towels!


I left my *not crawling* 6 month old daughter sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor while I went for a quick pee. A minute later I come in to find that she had went across the kitchen and opened the cupboard and poured 2 litres of vegetable oil on the floor. I didn’t have 87 rolls of paper towel to clean it up so I had to use my towels…..washed them a million times and they smelled like they were deep fried. $200 later on towels!!!



Submitted by: Brie S.