Orajel strips wood, who knew?


When I was pregnant with my 4th child I nodded off with my 2 year old in the room. He rubbed baby Orajel all over my new matching bedroom furniture and it stripped the finish. My 2nd matching bedroom set will be purchased when the last kid is in college.


Submitted by: Heather

Potty Training Fail

I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard that tell-tale sound of the toilet lid being raised and hitting the porcelain. I thought that maybe he would be getting ready to splash something around in the potty but this wasn’t what I expected.

Submitted by: Jennifer K.

“Butt-ing” New Artist


My son woke up from his nap and decided it would be a spectacular idea to try out his new painting skills. With a lack of paint in his room he adapted and decided to use butt paste.

Submitted by: Nathan M.