Half a Jar of Vegemite

You know they’re up to something when they go quiet. Half a jar of Vegemite all over the floors and later himself.

Submitted by: Caroline

Tony Montana?


I always try to put up anything I think my youngest might get into. She is very “curious” and loves to get her hands on anything she can do damage with. This is what happened when I forgot to put the cornstarch powder up after a diaper change. As you can see in the picture, she is totally proud of herself!

Submitted by: Shan

Any Chance I'll Finish The Laundry … Ever

SMKR’s kids have ruined any chance I’ll actually “finish” the laundry.  Ever.  

Submitted by: ME

SMKR NOTE:  Happy to report I’ve gotten through two-thirds of it, and my children will not wear pajama pants to school even once this week.  Also, my 5T child will not have to wear 2T underwear.