My husband.

Sh*t My Kid Ruined: My husband.

Submitted by: Brittney H.

Paint + Bed

My son dumped paint all over his sheets, home-made blanket, pillow, bedframe, carpet, walls, himself, and all his favorite dinky cars.

Submitted by: Heidi

My Sunday Morning


This is what I get for not jumping out of bed as soon as I heard the three year old’s feet hit the floor this morning. The five year old came running into our room, frantic, and handed me the nail polish. I got up and found that the three year old had used nail polish on the bathroom sink, our living room window, our couch, and the child safety lock for the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Of course, he also did a bang-up job on his fingernails and toenails, too.


Submitted by: Robin