My 6yr old son Hayden and I decided to watch a movie together and make microwave popcorn. I fell asleep half way through the movie…..he decided to pop the kernels left in the bottom of my most expensive set of tupperware “‘Cause I wanted summore!” I woke up to the worst smell of what I would describe as “burnt ass”…..when i asked him how long he re-cooked the popcorn for he said “two…two…two…two” 22 miniutes and 22 seconds…here is what my tupperware looked like, and be thankful I cannot post what my house smelled like.

I colored on your car with a rock!

I was getting out of my car and noticed severe scratches on the driver’s side door. I brought it to the attention of my family and my 4 year old daughter said “I colored on your car with a rock!” I expressed my dismay and she told me to just bring it to the car wash.

Submitted by: Jenn

I can’t believe my eye!


Somehow, in his sleep, my one year old managed to gouge me in the eye with his pointy little finger. Needless to say, a trip to the doctor was in order where he gave me this oh so lovely patch to wear. I didn’t want to see out of that eye anyway…..

Submitted by: Nikki M.