Literally PEELING Paint OFF the WALL!


I told my daughter to clean her room… instead, she stomped off into her room and proceeded to take a screwdriver to her wall… and peel the paint. Needless to say, my 7 year-old no longer has anything in her room aside from a bed and clothes.

Submitted by: Laura C.

Toddler + Black Marker + Baby


I thought things were quiet when my 4-year old and 10-month old were playing in my 4-year old’s room. So I went in there and discovered black marker on my 10-month old’s face. Then my toddler turned around, and to my amazement her face was entirely covered. At least I got a good giggle. She also drew all over her white dresser, her white toy box, and her white book shelf and various toys.


Submitted by: Natisha

Our Beige Couch

My two year old’s idea of “art” all over our beige couch. My 8 year old left her pen on the ground and then we both became engrossed in combing out her hair and when I turned around, I found her quite happily redecorating.

Submitted by: Shannie B.