Kids: 3 Van: 0

My six year old, twin four year olds, and one year old are always eating on the run, whether they’re pokey over breakfast and have to take it to go, or we’re out running errands and need to grab lunch, or some doting and/or sadistic family member has the sweet, loving, never-owned-a-minivan-with-four-kids idea to give them giant lollipops and cookies to snack on. However, my husband and I now agree that it’s time for a policy change!

Submitted by: Melissa

Handmade Ukrainian Easter Eggs

When my daughter was 4 she smashed open about a dozen of my Ukrainian Easter Eggs that I had spent several hours making.  When I asked her why, she said she was looking for the chocolate.  This is a photo of what they used to look like.  I have no after photos, but you all know what broken egg shells look like.

Submitted by: Helen

Soccer Ball vs Air Compressor

Air Compressor vs Soccer Ball

My seven year old cousin got a hold of his daddy’s air compressor to blow up his soccer ball…unfortunately he really blew up his soccer ball…

Submitted by: Eric