New tub of Desitin + new tub of Vaseline + new container of powder+ extra long “nap”= reminder to get a tubal ligation

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Yes, That's What It Is

My Carpet.  And almost my newborn.  Yes, that’s what you think it is.

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My Husband’s Toilet Paper Stash

toilet paper party

My husband likes to have, like, a thousand rolls of toilet paper on hand in case, oh…I don’t know…the stores decide to stop selling it, it becomes currency, or we invite an army to come use our bathroom. So anyway, my 3 year old son and 6 and a half year old daughter decided to have an impromtu “toilet paper party” one afternoon in our bedroom while I made dinner. I knew something was up when they were super quiet and then my daughter came in the kitchen and said “we’re not doing anything in your room, mama. Noooooothing at all. You just keep cooking and stay in the kitchen, okay?” which, of course, confirmed my fears of some kind of destruction going on. This is what I walked in to see. They both thought this was hilarious. It took 2 large trash bags to clean it all up. And now my poor husband is down to 998 rolls!! 🙂

tp party

tp party 3

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