Brand New and Non-Machine Washable


My 2 year old darling started gymnastics. I bought a leotard that makes her look like a tube sausage. She loved it and was so happy to wear it on her first day of class. I was uploading pictures from her first class while she colored in the next room. Next thing I know she walks in looking like this. Those bingo dobbers are Satan’s spawn. The ink does not easily wash off and I found out AFTER stripping my child that her brand new expensive leotard is not machine washable. She looks remorseful right? Sort of. Later that day I got asked repeatedly what she did to give herself a black eye. So far CPS has not called my house.


Submitted by: Marcella

'Nuf Said


Submitted by: James

Secret Stash


I caught my 19 month old son sticking one of his crayons in the VCR. When I went to take it away from him I noticed something bright and yellow sticking out of the flap so on closer examination this is what I discovered inside. Yep, that’s Halloween candy in there. I removed about 14 pieces of candy as well as 2 more crayons and some refrigerator magnets. There is still a Tootsie Pop in there but it’s shoved so far back in there I can’t get it out.


Submitted by: Erica