Two Boys, One Barbell


My three-year-old and his friend, nearly four, play upstairs beautifully …. alone. Together, apparently, is another story. Luckily there’s another toilet in the house.

Submitted by: Ellen S.

Toddler + Black Marker + Baby


I thought things were quiet when my 4-year old and 10-month old were playing in my 4-year old’s room. So I went in there and discovered black marker on my 10-month old’s face. Then my toddler turned around, and to my amazement her face was entirely covered. At least I got a good giggle. She also drew all over her white dresser, her white toy box, and her white book shelf and various toys.


Submitted by: Natisha

The Cotton Candy Pink Kitten


My children thought it would be funny to get into my pink flat paint and bathe the kitten with it. After several baths my once white kitten is now cotton candy pink.

Submitted by: Michele