My Paychecks

My paychecks… They are typically already spent when I get them.  Not just on diapers, daycare and doctor bills, but most everything extra goes to their college fund.  It is money well spent and invested however. :o)

Submitted by: Christina

Oh Sweet Jeebus

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“Hmm, N is pretty quiet. Do you think he’s up to anything?”

A new box of powdered sugar dumped on the table, chairs, floor, stove, counters, in the toaster, through the entire downstairs, up the stairs, through the bedroom, in their hair, covering their clothes. The air tasted sweet, there were clouds of the stuff. It took 2 hours to bathe the kids and clean up all of the sticky powdery mess!

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Submitted by: Skye

Beauty School Dropout


My daughter and her friend decided to “restyle” my kiddo’s lovely locks. Too bad she had to learn the hard way that the ability to style hair was not passed down from mother to child. Just because her friends mom cuts hair for a living does not mean that her kid can too. The last shot is a “before”.



Submitted by: Lizzy L