Would you believe the kids were way over age 21 when they did this???

Submitted by: Anonymous Protective Mom

My Oven Door

Among MANY other things, our son ruined my almost-new built-in stainless steel $2100 KitchenAid oven door.  He dropped it down to stand on it to see if we had any ramen noodle soup in the cabinet above the oven.  It was too much trouble to get the stepstool that lives next to the oven.  He would have had to turn around.  He’s a teenager and weighs almost as much as I do.  I’ve had the hinges fixed four times, but they won’t stay fixed.  Lucky for me, the garbage can is just the right height to hold the oven door shut.  And yes, the warmed-up garbage always add a little something extra to the smell of dinner cooking.

Submitted by: Kate

Mr. Potato Head

Farewell Mr. Potato Head!!  Although you were only in our house from Christmas to February, you will be missed, but rest assured, the smell of burnt plastic shall linger forever.  My two year old threw him into the gas fireplace.  He started to melt, rolled out of the fireplace onto the carpet nearly burning the entire house done.

Submitted by: Gretchen