Rice pudding, meet laptop.

rice pudding laptop

30 seconds of my inattention was all it took for my 16 month old son to smear a bowl full of rice pudding into my laptop. At least he didn’t dump his sippy cup on it again!

Submitted by: Chloe

Thanks from SMKR.

As of this morning, http://ShitMyKidsRuined.com has received 263,190 page views.  It has 4,500+ FB fans, nearly 3000 Tumblr followers, and is beginning to build a little group on Twitter.

C’mon, fess up – you were all sent by my mom, right?

Mystery Sticky Couch

My kids ruined my couch. There is an unknown yet ever present sticky substance all over the furniture at all times.

Submitted by: Renee P