Rings down the toilet scare…


I took my (expensive) rings off and placed them on the window ledge next to the toilet before giving my dog a bath. A couple hours later I remembered that I left them there, went into the bathroom to find them GONE! Trying not to panic, I asked my 3 year old if he knew where mommy’s rings were, he replied “in the toilet”. After having my boyfriend tear off the toilet in a mad attempt to find my rings, many tears later, my son walks up to me with my rings and says “here you go mommy”. He had them hiding in his room behind his curtain!!!! UGH I will NOT be taking my rings off again!

Submitted by: Tina Sage

Bathroom Makeover

And to think I used to be so smug when reading this blog. After all my toddler never did anything like that.

Vertical Blinds

I came out from cleaning the kitchen one day to discover my 4 year old son had ripped down every single vertical blind from the back door/window.

Submitted by: Naomi D.