craft table

At a birthday party we left the kids alone downstairs. One Mom decided to check on them and they had done this. Emtied all the bottles of paint onto the craft table. My friends little boy said he thought it was ok because he thought it was on a “tray” or at least contained. The two kids in the first photo had nothing to do with it they just happened to be there when I took the photo.

Lil Hulk

While in my bedroom putting away laundry, my kids became eerily quiet. I went out to the living room to find my son’s head completely green and my daughter holding food coloring bottles. I of course panicked and starting calling family and friends to help me figure out how to get him clean. I got many laughs while telling the story. After scrubbing for an hour, he did come clean…..and now the food coloring is out of their reach!

The UNorganizer

Nothing was actually ruined in these pictures except my sanity…These were two separate incidences. Our youngest son apparently doesn’t like things to be put away!