Thank You!! sends a heartfelt thanks to, and especially to:

Cathy Sharick for picking SMKR for the video: Top Five Blogs TIME Writers Read Daily:,32068,104488320001_2000153,00.html

And to Steven James Snyder for his piece on SMKR in’s Best Blogs of 2010:,28804,1999770_1999761_1999737,00.html

I am so excited and grateful!  Wow.  Thank you!  Welcome to any new visitors – may SMKR make you laugh and cringe, but mostly laugh.  Thank you to the amazing fans who’ve put SMKR on the map.

Extra thanks goes out, as always, to all our beloved shit-ruining kids – you’re worth every challenge, all the mess, and every broken item.

Sincere thanks to all,  Julie


My mom thought she was done with little kids ruining her shit.  My son had the last laugh.

Submitted by: Elizabeth

this house is not your playground.

Told kid to get in shower while I finished up in the yard, but I guess she wasn’t ready for such a responsibility. When the truth came out, she was trying to SWING from the showerhead.

Submitted by: Becca