Van Gogh Would Be Proud

My 3-year old at the time, said this was a self portrait!! Van Gogh would be proud!!

Submitted by: Carrie

I’m Not Tired.


I put my 4 yr old down for a nap. when i went in to wake her up an hour later I found she had colored my new pillow and her new khaki pants.

Submitted by: Alissa

Just in Time For Halloween


Since early childhood, I have had an intense fear of everything clown- from the circus variety to jesters and mimes. So try to imagine my terror when I walked in to my daughter’s bedroom and discovered her like this! I literally screamed. She thought her diaper cream spa treatment was hilarious… until I showed her to a mirror. BTW, her hair has been shampooed three times now and there are still traces of the cream.

Submitted by: Joanna G.