Jack Laughs In The Face Of Childproofing

When my two year old couldn’t remove the childproof lock to the game cabinet, he just removed the whole door. Then sprinkled game pieces all over the playroom. When I asked what he had done, he climbed the furniture and showed me his muscles. Good luck with that, me.

Where did all the toilet paper go?


Just when we thought there couldn’t be anything else she could get into our little one proved us wrong. It’s a good thing she is so cute, even with 2 ply in her mouth.

Submitted by: Alls Family

A Woman Scorned has Nothing on My Son

This one doesn’t need a great deal of explanation. My eight-year old son was angry at his six-year old sister. To him, the only clear course of action was to defile one of her favorite things. With a blue Sharpie. At least he spelled it correctly, I guess. Perhaps most disturbing was that my daughter lobbied hard for her brother to not be punished. She found the entire situation hilarious. I guess penis jokes really are universal.

Submitted by: Renae Prieto