Her hair! Her beautiful hair!

So in the four years my daughter has been alive, she has done it all. Baby oil, shampoo pasted bathroom; baby powder snowstorms, fingernail polish in the carpet, fried two DVRs with juice…you name it she has done it!

The latest though..literally brought me to tears. In a matter of ten minutes alone, she scaled the bathroom cabinet, got Daddy’s beard scissors from the top shelve of the medicine cabinet and…

I walk into the playroom to find her huddled in the corner, the room covered in hair! I screamed, “Why?, your hair…your beautiful hair!”

She claimed she was trying to make a beautiful hairstyle. She is now wearing hats, everywhere we go! There are literally chunks missing everywhere, none of it is salvageable.

Here are the after pics…



Submitted by: Trina W.


We were at a party down the street and ‘it’ happened. I grabbed him and took the brunt to save their carpets…which only partly worked.  The night, a favorite shirt, and some carpet all ruined.

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Vaseline Head

vaseline head

This is a few years old now, but my son has always had long, very thick hair and this picture shows not the first but the second time he decided that a whole tub of vaseline was what was missing from his look……this was also after the half a tub of nappy rash cream incident which was just as delightful to get out as this was!

Submitted by: Alice