Mama’s Fave Platter

“Oooh” he said, breaking mama’s fave platter.

Submitted by: Libby

Pimp My Ride


While I was out grocery shopping, I walked past the front of my car and found that it had been decorated in permanent red ink. I thought, “AHHHHHH!!!!! How long has THAT been there?!!” While grey cars don’t show dirt, they show red ink really well. Due to the writing style, I suspect it was my 4 year old. I don’t know where she got the pen, and I can’t figure out when she did this. At least she didn’t draw racing stripes down the sides, but that’s where the scratches are from the bicycle handles. I think Santa will be adding a check mark for her on the naughty list.



Submitted by: Ann W.

Grammy’s Reputation!

It’s a good thing my son’s teacher knows our family because I can only imagine what was running through her head when she read this gem. LOL

Submitted by: Allie via Facebook