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Welcome!! was born one morning in early March, 2010 when my younger son spilled a quart of black paint on our dining room rug. The covered paint can was out for a project I’d planned for the 2 hours my boys were about to spend at nursery school. Leaving the can within his reach was a regrettable parenting mistake if ever there were one!  I alley-ooped, and the little guy slam-dunked it.  Live and learn.

SMKR’s mission is comic relief, commiseration and birth control; this is not about blame.  If you’re a parent, I hope you identify and laugh, and feel just a little bit better that others go through it, too. And if you’re child-free, I hope you enjoy laughing at the miserable, unfortunate things some of our kids have done, and cherish being free from this particular brand of crap. Anyone here to laugh is welcome.

With sincere thanks,  Julie Haas Brophy

PS – The only unwelcome visitors are those who are here to be mean or judgmental or offer a parenting critique. This is not the place for you.



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