Shredded Ticket


My son, Bryce, who is 2 years old, shredded our lotto ticket with 16 draws left on it. It was a $100 ticket. My husband left our office door open and our son climbed the desk, plucked the lotto ticket from the basket, put it in the shredder saying ‘Bills, bills’ as he shredded it.

Frantic, I searched through the shopping bag that lined the basket of the shredder, found most of the pieces and put them together. When we called Florida Lotto they said that the ticket is now useless in its condition.

We’ve not won anything from it yet, but this could be an EPIC FAIL if we do. I’m going to neatly place it in my son’s baby book, if we do win, as a constant reminder of why he is the only 16 year old kid WITHOUT a car of his own. LOL

Submitted by: Melissa H.



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  • Anonymous

    Could you possibly get the serial # off it and have it reprinted?

    • Melissa Holder

      That’s what we thought but Florida Lotto says no way… BOO!

  • Sean Thompson

    The kid was trying to teach the parents a lesson. The reason the kid doesn’t have a car is because the parents waste $100 on lotto tickets. 

    • Melissa Holder

      No one pays my bills except me…so you have no worries, mmmmkay? And I don’t know many 2 year olds with cars…

      • retailnut1

        Well apparently you didn’t read the article very well. Clearly it says (and I quote) “only 16 year old kid WITHOUT a car”, not “2 year old”. -.-”

        • Christian Wilhelmsen

          LOL, she wrote it :p

  • Anonymous

    Play the same numbers again for the remaining draws. Though $100 is a bit much of a loss. I would never spend that much on a single ticket. And not at once. Good luck.

    • Melissa Holder

      We actually paid $5 for the ticket because we won $95 so it’s really not that much of a loss. Plus the numbers are always computer picked so there’s no special attachment to these. Let’s just hope it doesn’t hit…LOL! Thanks!