Pool Pump?!? Seriously?


Somehow my amazing kids managed to get a handful of Lego’s through not one, but two skimmer baskets and into my pool pump. The impeller is shredded and the new, high efficiency replacement runs $1400.00 USD. So it looks like they won’t be seeing allowance until they’re 30!   🙂

Submitted by: Ryan



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  • http://www.facebook.com/Fire23432 Gerald Stewart

    You can replace the impeller and shaft seal.  the whole pump does not need to be replaced.  total for parts should run you no more than 60 bucks on the east coast or 100 bucks on the west coast.  
    I was the lead service technician for 3 pool companies before i got a real job.  

  • Suza

    A pool pump is honestly one of the last things I would expect to see on this site.  Congratulations for raising the bar, and condolences on you loss.  It’s a good thing we love them…

  • Anonymous

    Teach the kids to fix it 😀