Sadie Gaga strikes again!


I have 3 daughters, ages 4, 2, and 10 months. I had gotten the baby to sleep and put the older girls down for their nap. I had about 30 minutes of quiet bliss that was suddenly interrupted by loud noises coming from the kids’ room. I walked upstairs to see what the problem was only to discover that my 4 year old had PAINTED her sister pink! m

Submitted by: Sorayah



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  • Anonymous

    I love how angry she looks! LOL Like she didn’t sit there and let her sister do that!

  • Anonymous

    Her expression is priceless. This photo is awesome.

  • Tanya Patrie

    I love how her hair now matches perfectly with her Hello Kitty PJs.. LOL!

  • Linda Sneddon

    in another 10 years she’ll be begging to do this to her hair.

  • Caryn Perron

    Leaving paint in the kids room?  Come on!  That’s a rookie mistake 😀  Hope it was washable!

  • Amanda Bernard

    Omg the expression on her face is priceless! She looks so mad! Pretty cute 🙂 Hope it comes out!

  • Molly Finnegan Jacob

    She pulls off the pink pretty well. If/when my daughter does this, I’ll secretly be cheering on the inside – I think its adorable!

  • Amy Bansley Innis

    Where did you get this picture? Is this a joke? This is my kid. 

  • Brittany Sorayah Kubba Stepp

    I can’t believe my silly girls are featured on your blog!  I hope everyone else thinks they’re as funny and cute as I do, in spite of the many messes I have to clean up after!  🙂

    • caprinequine

      I feel for you I have three girls as well 6, 4 & 3 and in their short lives have brought me to my knees numerous times with their… shall we say “antics”! My oldest always gets her younger sisters to do things so she can say she did nothing! She also used to like to cut every ones hair-the dog, the cat, her sisters…..ha ha we finally had to hide the scissors in the cars to get her to stop! My 4 year olds hair is still recouping from the last hair cut almost 2 yrs ago she has bangs now!!

      I love the look it’s priceless and oh so familiar!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Reimnitz Christensen

    What a sour looking puss- she is still too cute in spite of that frown 🙂 Her expression reminds me of the grumpy looks *my* sister had because of me when we were kids. I hope you gave her a big hug because she looks like she really needs it!

  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    What kind of paint was it??

  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    What kind of paint was it??