My efforts to give him a healthy diet.


My baby son (14mos) refuses to eat almost any solid food, even when I have been trying every day since he was 7mos, with the only result of a gagging and choking baby who throws food all over the place.
But happens that he has been eating every single piece of paper or cardboard that is within his reach… This time was his story book, he ate a chunk out of the pages without any problem in the couple minutes that it took me to organize his toys. I hope at least the cardboard had some vitamins or nutrients. :s


Submitted by: paola utterback-galvis



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  • Caitlin Byers

    I caught my 2 year old son eating a post card a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t realized when he was born that instead of a child, I had actually given birth to a puppy. SMH

  • Jennie Berens Comfort

    My son puked on a lot of normal foods…by the time he was three I was done with it.  Turned out his Adenoids were huge and causing the eating problem along with several others….(sleep apnea).  

  • Alison Hopkins

    I know the heart of this site is fun, but (not to be a buzzkill) this could be a red flag for a medical issue. The paper virtually turns to mush in his mouth, so he may not be able to fit food through due to a structural or muscle issue. My son couldn’t eat “normally” due to structural issues.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also concerned that this child could have an underlying medical condition. 

  • Traci Dube

    I hate to give advice, but my son used to gag on a lot of solid foods. Probably won’t get better without therapy.  Now, he associated eating with gagging and deep down is “scared” to try solid foods.  Contact a pediatric speech therapist….they can help with this.  My son finally eats normal again.  Just wish I had know the reason when my son was 14 months…we started therapy at 4 years old! 

  • Gail Orsillo

    As a pediatric speech therapist, I agree with the last few commenters.  Ask your doctor to look in his throat to see if there is an obstruction.  If not, then see a speech therapist who specializes in feeding.  They might have some techniques that can help you out.

  • Seymour W Eliot

    A healthy diet for a child this young is breastmilk, not solid foods. Children self-wean when their body is ready to move on. 

    • Kimberly Lewis

      Considering a kid I went to first grade with had to have his mother come in for “lunch” every day, no they don’t. If you let them feed off of breastmilk as long as they want, they don’t always self-ween. 

      Also, this kid is over a year old. Breastmilk doesn’t have the nutrients he needs anymore. I second a structural malformation. Sounds like he may need a specialist. 

      You and the rest of the La Leche League have a nice day now and leave the rest of us poor slobs alone. 

  • Taraneh Shafie

    yeah….this is a bit concerning. isn’t there a disorder in which people actually consume things that aren’t supposed to be consumed (what they eat can actually vary) i think it’s called pica….

  • Anonymous

    My (perfectly normal, now food-adventurous) child didn’t eat many solids until 13.5 months. The second, who would have weaned later but also tried more foods from five months on, was totally different.

    I think there’s a *middle ground* where a child can just take longer to get into solids. It doesn’t have to be self-weaning at the age of eight or diagnosis before 18 months. Lots of kids take over a year to accept solids.

    A visit to a specialist can’t hurt but rest assured plenty of normal children are also like this. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    Hmm, judging by the comments, I’m the only one that had a child that chewed on everything. From fingers, to toys to books to stuffed animals. Sometimes kids are just kids and do silly stuff.

    • Anonymous

      I think the red flag for everyone was the fact that the baby is 14 months old and chokes and gags on solid food. Thankfully, Paola updated us that her son is alright. 🙂

  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    Hmm, judging by the comments, I’m the only one that had a child that chewed on everything. From fingers, to toys to books to stuffed animals. Sometimes kids are just kids and do silly stuff.

  • Ma.Paola Galvis Rodriguez

    Wow!!! I didn’t read all these comments on my phone browser. I am the mommy of the little rascal above.  I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the advice you guys are offering us.Actually, I should clarify that my baby has finally decided to explore foods with solid textures, after much urging. During all of the consultations with the doctor, we talked about the rejection of textures, and so far, he thinks this can be defined as “normal” (I guess he is a picky eater as I was), but considering what you are suggesting about the adenoids, it may be good idea to consult a specialist who can figure out if that is the problem.On the other hand, I should clarify too that I have invested a lot of time in making sure that my kids have a healthy diet. The little one eats almost every kind of vegetable and protein (in soup or cream form) and since a couple weeks ago, he has been more willing to try solid foods.  The amount of cardboard or paper that he actually eats is not a concern for me. He is not having newspapers for breakfast!

  • Kristi Fure Ballard

    My 2 year old did that from the time he was old enough to hold his head up.  He also refused food for a long time.  He is a good pooper tho, thanks to all that extra fiber! 🙂

  • Katarina

    Maybe you’re the reason why he’s refusing solid food. If you’re making too big of a deal about it, he gets a kick out of being in control. 

  • Joan Miller

    eating paper is also a red flag for anemia, btw.