Our family Santa photo

All the kids

My daughter’s Stranger Danger came through when we tried to get a Santa photo with all the cousins. The best part is that her twin brother was just fine right up until the picture was taken and then he decided it wouldn’t be fun to let her have all the fun. As a result of all these histrionics – all the kids and Santa are a *tad* distracted.

Submitted by: Valerie



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  • Zellis

    Poor Santa!

  • squattmunki24

    I think it’s better this way rather than having all the kids fake smiling….haha. These are the photos with memories to them… Gorgeous family btw 🙂

  • Abby Bicksler

    Ruined?  I think your kid made a photo that you’ll be talking about for decades.  “Remember the time…”