Never leave a child unattended…


Our youngest was in the bathroom, had been there for a long time. I checked on her, knocked on the door, asked if everything was alright. She answered yes, and I didn’t think anything of it. Then my wife went to check, because the girl was calling for help. This is what she found. Minty fresh poo smell!


Submitted by: Harry



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  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    hahahaha, sorry. I’m only laughing because it’s not my bathroom. However, I’ve gotta ask. Why was the laptop in the bathroom?

    • PandasEatRamen

      Maybe the child took the laptop in with her?

      • Merritt Davis McClarren

        Could be. But still had to ask.

        • PandasEatRamen

          Yeah. Didn’t mean my responce to sound like I was being a jerk. That’s all I figured.

  • Lexi R

    Why was your laptop in the bathroom with an unsupervised child? No, scratch that…why was your laptop in the bathroom at all? Gross.

  • Heather Hazen

    WHO uses a computer on the toilet in the first place!?!? Gross. a Keyboard is already full of germs, let’s add some fecal matter to it!

  • Damaris Olmeda

    what no ones ever taken a recreational poo? lol

  • Ryan Cost

    Your not fully clean unless your CREST Fully Clean!

  • Anonymous

    Why was the kid in the bathroom unsupervised? Always know that if they say im fine, means theyre up to no good. Silence means trouble. Every parent knows that. As far as the laptop, like everyone else said, thats nasty. Good thing all that happened to it was toothpaste though.

  • Renae Douglas

    I don’t typically follow my kids into the potty…but I for sure don’t leave expensive electronics in the bathroom…just me though.

  • Grace Rezendes

    On the side of Shit My Kids Ruined – “The only unwelcome visitors are those who are here to be mean or
    judgmental or offer a parenting critique. This is not the place for

  • ErickandKayla Dealba

    Oh please, like none of you have ever taken anything to do into the bathroom, a laptop, a book, a magazine… it’s pretty normal, and not gross if you know how to wipe. lol

  • Anonymous

    sometimes I bring my laptop or ipod touch to the bathroom.
    Just sitting there while pooping is BORING!!!

  • squattmunki24

    I bring my laptop in the bathroom with me to play music while i take a long hot bath…it’s so relaxing. Just thinking about it makes me sleepy…

  • Juniper Jupiter

    Laptop (electrical/electronic device) + Bathroom (fixtures and basins that dispense and contain water) + Unattended Children (they have fingers and inexplicable ninja skills) = very dangerous combo. 


    • Anonymous

      If it were my grandson the laptop would be in the toilet .. seems to have become my most common household task .. yanking the commode .. full bar of soap .. toothbrush .. who knows what’s next ..

  • Geneva Fritch

    Is it just me, or does it seem a bit suspect that the toothpaste is only smeared on the one cleanable surface on the laptop…?  There’s no toothpaste on the keys or screen, which are kids’ favorite parts of electronics.  Plus those finger strokes in the toothpaste seem to be adult-sized, not those of a small child.  Both pictures and the whole scenario just feel fake.  Just sayin…