Jean Butt Pie Anyone?

Thanksgiving day and the pumpkin pie was cooling on the counter. Our 3 yr old decided to climb up onto the counter to get in the cupboard and slipped and landed butt first into the pie. He wasn’t hurt, and after I peeled off his jeans, I tried to smoosh the pie flat again with the back of a buttered spoon. We’re going to eat it anyway!



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  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s reasonable to assume that her son was the butt of all the jokes at that holiday meal. 

  • Karen Haddrell

    Whipping cream will hide the evidence!

    • Anonymous

      Whip it up!

    • Anonymous

      Whip it up!

  • Ashley

    Hey…at least he had pants on. lol

  • Evgeniy Kolomoets


  • Juniper Jupiter

    Okay, why do you have a pumpkin candle burning next to the pumpkin pie?

    I think it was actually a BS pie…  😀