Dead Penguin


I open the door to wake up my 2 year old from a nap and this is what I found. Don’t know how long she was working on this but at some point during nap time she got the urge to take out her giant penguin from sea world. Worst part was the statically charged styrofoam particles that refused many attempts to be cleaned up.

Submitted by: Charles M



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  • Devon M Stewart

    Oh MAN that sucks!  Poor penguin.  :o(

  • Devon M Stewart

    Oh MAN that sucks!  Poor penguin.  :o(

  • Kim

    Oh MAN. Those little dots last fooooreeeevvveerrrrrrr….

    • Christine Armington

      Yes, literally forever :/ They are a NIGHTMARE!

  • Gretta Miller Sweeney

    I hate those tiny foam pellets. I hope your daughter didn’t eat too many!

    • Charles Micah Miller

      I don’t know if she ate any. Guess we will find out in a couple of days…

      • Kristin McGee Gates

        try spraying them down with static guard or just water to help break them loose and vacuum?

        • Anonymous

          Or use a wet/dry vac.

  • Merritt Davis McClarren

    OH man, those dot things are almost as bad as glitter… I”m cringing here for you!

  • Ashley

    at least she had fun 🙂