My Kid Ruined All My Towels!


I left my *not crawling* 6 month old daughter sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor while I went for a quick pee. A minute later I come in to find that she had went across the kitchen and opened the cupboard and poured 2 litres of vegetable oil on the floor. I didn’t have 87 rolls of paper towel to clean it up so I had to use my towels…..washed them a million times and they smelled like they were deep fried. $200 later on towels!!!



Submitted by: Brie S.



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  • Carissa Robidoux

    buy cheaper towels

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how quick they learn stuff as soon as you turn your back! LOL I’d be throwing the towels out, too!

  • Raechel Tincher

    I would have suggested a squeegie and a thin plastic cutting board as a ‘dustpan’ and just squeegied the worst of the mess.. can’t leave anything in bottom cabinets that don’t lock – otherwise you are apt have a repeat of that mess (or way worse – and trust me, it can get way I remember the days of those kinds of messes all too well.. while I miss my kids being little folks, I sure don’t miss the

  • Amanda Bernard

    Sometimes we have to learn the hard way :/

    My children are 2.5 and 4.5 and I still have a baby gate up across my kitchen. I have no way of removing everything into the top cupboards since we don’t have much space….and there are way too many things in that kitchen that I KNOW they WILL get into! lol

  • Beth Ann Monroe

    I can so sympathize with you! I have four children between the ages of 14 months & 4.5 years…. I have huge messes to clean up almost daily! They can be a lot of work when they are little, but I always have to remind myself that they are just learning!

  • Nicole Wetzold Daw

    Good thing she’s so cute!  Ugh to the mess though – I think I’d want to just move to a new house. 🙂

  • Caycee McCallum Jopling

    try washing them with powdered dishwasher soap – i used to work at a movie theatre and it always took the popcorn grease out of my white workshirt. But yeah really sucks to clean that up!

    • Anonymous

      Or soak them in dish detergent and hot water. It really does de-grease better.

  • Michael Dunn

    At least it wasn’t bleach or other possibly dangerous chemical.  Maybe you’ve got all those in a locked cabinet, in which case good on you, but at what point did leaving a 6 month old alone in the kitchen sound like a good idea?

  • kjochimsen

    For future reference: Spread flour on the oil spill and allow it to absorb. Sweep up the rest and mop as usual. (And if you dropped a glass bottle of oil, you can use cotton balls to pick up the glass bits — just chuck ’em when you’re done!) Been there, wiped that.

    • Anonymous

      OOOOh thanks, that’s great advice!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t throw in the towels in over this. Take em to the garage to use as rags. If the dish detergent doesn’t do the trick.

  • Emily S

    Lol, those *not crawling* babies seem to do a lot of wriggling! My little one couldn’t move an inch if I was watching, but as soon as I turned around, she was off. I never figured out how she did it. I did, however, put up the child gates early!

  • Juli Eckmeier Cosack

    she does look pretty proud of her new mobility! 🙂

  • Maureen Loft

    Simple Green on thw towels, really helped with the grease (not that anything like that has ever happened at this house…).  And yeah, flour or cornmeal on the floor will help with the puddle (if your are lucky they’ll spill them at the same time…).

  • Patti Snow-Martin

    OMFG!!! My son did that! I swear by all that is holy if it EVER happens again I am moving!!! I’m just leaving everything in the kitchen and moving!!!!!!! I feel your pain!!!

  • Juniper Jupiter

    How…does a six-month old do that?

    That had to have taken some effort…

  • Anonymous

    Deep fry the towels and serve them at dinner? Everyone could use some cottony goodness at dinner yes? Serve like chicken wings. 

  • Tiffany Fluharty

    theres no way in heck a 6 month old can OPEN a bottle of oil. sure they can knock over an open bottle or one with a loose cap. but i just dont see them opening one by themselves. either way nice work.

     i can only see when i have kids as klutzy as i am as an adult. At my old job i knocked THREE family size bottles of dish detergent on the floor and we had no hot water in the store. thankfully i got it up with about 7 rolls of paper towels and a good cold water mopping before the store opened half hour to 90 min or so later lmao 

    • GingerMae

      sorry to disappoint you but 6mths old are very resourceful. When my son was that age ( he’s 15mths now) he unscrewed the cap from a soda bottle and poured a 20oz bottle of coke on the floor. He has never done it again but that cap was on tight and he managed to do it. They are amazing at causing messes.

  • Andrea Michaud

    Ahhh, I did that when I was a baby, too. My mom said her secret weapon was about 3 bottles of dish detergent lol

  • howtowritefanfiction

    My kids dumped a Costco sized bottle of Olive Oil on the floor–cornmeal (also costco sized!) worked like a charm. I dumped on there, went to give them a bath, came back and swept the whole thing up!