It’s Just Paper…


My son decided to take three dollar bills that I had. For some reason, he claimed them as his own. He put them in the refrigerator at first and was upset with me for taking them out so he put them back in. A bit later I went upstairs to start laundry and came down stairs to this…. Each piece was crumpled into a ball. Time to teach him the value of money I guess.

Submitted by: Kelly R.



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  • Dawn Gregoire LeCroy

    My nephew’s dog tried to eat 3 $20 bills a couple months ago.  Luckily he was able to get them out of her mouth and traded them in at the bank.  Would have thought he would have learned not to leave anything laying around, but he hasn’t.  She eats anything left out unattended.

  • Ashley

    It’s not ruined. Tape them together and you can spend it just like normal. Now if he took a $100 bill and shredded it like confetti then you can cry. lol

  • Megan Schieck

    Tearing up money, I’ve done as a kid. But putting the money in the fridge? This is exactly the sort of inexplicable, wacky kid behaviour that both makes me really want and really NOT want children. Thanks for the laugh, Kelly!

  • Anonymous

    He was just trying to make change. 

  • Anonymous

    Back in summer ’99, while at church, they had a small fridge full of bottled water, for which they asked a $1/bottle donation. Not knowing who to give the money to, I laid the dollar on the fridge shelf when I took a bottle. After the service, I asked the pastor, and he said, “I was wondering who was refrigerating that dollar?” I found out who handles the donations, and settled that matter.
    Putting money in the fridge: Totally crazy, wacky nutso behavior, yup!

  • Emily S

    This is why I’m glad we have plasticy bills in Australia!!! However, when ours tear in half they’re considered void. I don’t think a bank would take them.

  • Yvonne Cowley Srem

    I have a half of a 50 bill in my jewelery box…waiting to find the other half…grrrrrr.  Oh, and half of a 5 was flushed down the toilet.

    • Anonymous

      By law (at least it used to be true) you only have to have more than 50% of the bill. If you do, take it to your bank and they should be able to exchange it for you. 

  • Benjamin Kopicz

    Its Not ruined! You can tape them together..Money is STILL considered Useable as long as the serial numbers-corner numbers and face are there… even if there is a tear going down the middle

  • Sylvia

    When my sister and I were about 5 and 7 our dad gave us $1 bill to share. I got the bright idea to rip it in half so we each had some… We learned the value of money that day lol

  • Misty Baker

    My then 4 year old daughter made her birthday money into confetti.  It was about $60 from what we could tell.  We are saving it for when she is a teenager and needs gas money!!

  • Dan Wendell

    As long as you have 51% of the bill it is still legal tender (even if that 51% is in a hundred pieces)

  • Dan Wendell

    As long as you have 51% of the bill it is still legal tender (even if that 51% is in a hundred pieces)

  • loans til payday

    Banknotes issued by retail banks in the UK are not legal tender, but one
    of the criteria for legal protection under the Forgery and
    Counterfeiting Act is that banknotes must be payable on demand,
    therefore withdrawn notes remain a liability of the issuing bank without
    any time limits.