Scrambled Eggs


I thought he was watching the Wiggles on TV… nope, he was making scrambles eggs on the couch. Awesome.


Submitted by: Kirsteen C.



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  • Bobby Jean

    ACK!  Be sure you do *not* use hot water, which will basically cook the egg protein.   You’ll need an enzyme cleaner, cold water and lots of patience.   Hope you’ll pardon me while I giggle, though … it’s one of the perks of being a grandparent.

  • Jean Lug

    This was us last May! While my husband was in the shower (and I was not home!) our almost 3 yr old climbed into the fridge to get the eggs from the top shelf, went to the living room, sat in the recliner and started cracking!  My husband ended up throwing the recliner out with the trash (we already had a new one on order anyway).  Apparently, our 5 yr old told Daddy his little brother was playing with eggs, but Daddy assumed he meant plastic Easter eggs. I was REALLY, REALLY glad I was not there for this one!

  • Julie Layer

    My kids do this too!! It seems to be just after I buy an 18 pack of them every time…..

  • Debra Sloan-Shiflett

    I wish I had known 15 years ago that there would be a site like this and I would have taken a photo or two! This mess reminds me of what my daughter did to Barbie’s swimming pool one time, involving eggs, instant coffee and baking powder (made things really fizzy!) and who-knows-what-else (possibly including some Coco-Wheats). I found a couple of Barbies, Skipper and Ken all sitting and relaxing in that concoction! I’ll credit the fact that my daughter (about 4 or 5 at the time) used to love watching cooking shows…….

  • Ellen Jane Botelho

    You would not believe what eggs will do to a carpet, if not found right away.  Yeah, my son did an “eggs-periment” in his bedroom.  Little boys are a trip. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, what a mess! Think I’ll use this to help convince my Husband that a couch cover is a good investment.

  • Connie Lopez

    My son decided to GLUE his shelf to the floor and dumped a shole bottle of elmers wood glue onto the rug along the base of the shelf.  Guess what never came off after it dried…!

  • T

    Makes me glad I’m allergic to eggs and they are never in my house!

  • Ashley

    Looks like that was once a very nice couch. 

  • Amanda Bernard

    OMG! That is a mess! I really hope my kids don’t decide to do this before I get slipcovers for my couch and chair….eep!

  • Aleese Barber

    “Well, you seeeeee, Momma, I heard that an egg mask was good for wrinkles, and the couch was AWFULLY wrinkly!!”

  • Cygnata –

    Ack, we have that exact couch. NOT cheap!