My Accounting Grade!


Gabriel (15 months) decided to help Mommy with her accounting homework! He ripped a few pages out of the book and drew all over about 10 more pages. He thought it was awesome! He was so proud of himself!



Submitted by: Ashley



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  • amber beer

    a future accountant..

  • amber beer

    future accountant..

  • Jason Luna

    Scribble so people can’t make out the numbers and rip out the pages you don’t want them to see. Yup…future accountant is right, amber.

    • C


  • Anonymous

    Looks like Corporate Tax… at least he used a pencil… which really shows he is a future accountant.  My Advanced Accounting professor used to say pens should be outlawed in accounting firms. 

  • Kari Crosman

    As a teacher, I used to not understand why students’ work came in wrinkled, scribbled on, with food particles covering them . . . until I had a child myself!  Now I can never turn anything in that isn’t messed up in some way or another.  🙂

  • Ashley Kottmyer

    I actually showed my teacher this page. She laughed, especially when she read the comments. She still gave me an A, so I’m happy! lol