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This is my 2 year-old daughter, Zoey, and my 3-year old cousin, Dustin. I decided to me the crafty mom and let them paint. I went to the bathroom and this is what I came back to… Thankfully they didn’t paint anything but the paper and each other.

Submitted by: Heather



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  • Devon M Stewart

    You left a two year old and a three year old alone with paint while you went to the bathroom!?  Are you NUTS!!?!?  What the hell did you do, take a 15 minute shower or something?  Wow, just wow… 

    • Lisa Curry

      You obviously have no children and if you do, kudos for them being perfect, holier than thou angel babies… But it takes .01280983 seconds for a kid to destroy ANYTHING!  I’m surprised that’s all the mess the kiddos made.  Lighten up, buttercup!

  • Brandina Vines

    Just be glad it’s paint and not poo.

  • Christine Goodman

     Really Trolls? This is called shit my kids ruined and I assumed it was a sight where parents support each other with understanding that kids can get into trouble quick.  Not to troll just to point out how much you think you’re a better parent.  That’s just hateful!     

    • Anonymous

      I agree, there’s been too many negative comments on some of the submissions lately. People need to lighten up, you don’t always know the circumstances with things like this, perhaps it was an “emergency” bathroom break.

  • Beth Ann Monroe

    Just gotta laugh, so you don’t end up crying in these situations! It’s great that you got a picture! Sometimes my oldest doesn’t believe me when I tell her of the disasters she used to make! With my younger children I always try to get pictures so I can show them PROOF!!!!

  • Ashley

    Mom must have had some deep doo doo to be in the bathroom long enough for them to do that…