My Shattered Judgment


I contemplated buying this side table for our bedroom for a month before deciding it was worth the $$ and would be out of harm’s way. It was in our home for literally 2 seconds while Husband unloaded the car. Our 2 year-old decided it was NOT in fact worth the $$ OR out of harm’s way.

Submitted by: Cat H.



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  • Anonymous

    Ummm… the table was obviously a poor reflection on your judgment.  Sorry about that.

  • Tracy Whipple

    really?!? a mirrored table, what color is the shag carpet?

  • Anonymous

    All I can guess is that prior to that moment you had one of those amazing children that never touches the knick-knacks, never tosses books in the air, never runs headlong into walls for a laugh.

    I am sorry your child decided to become normal the moment you bought this table.

  • Anonymous

    That is one ugly table!  The kid had good judgement in trashing it!

  • teejcee

    thats 7 years bad luck on that kid …

  • Jaimee Viner

    i think its a really cool table,dont diss others style just because its different to your own,bet you wouldnt want them dissing yours. but wow,a 2 year old did that damage?

  • Susan Mayfield

    Sometimes some people can be mean. I know the feeling about keeping from buying something and finally getting something I wanted and then someone decided to destroy it. Hugs hun.

  • Chrystal R. Pena

    Talked about feeling your pain, this year i bought a Amazon Kindle that i saved up for a few months, then my 2 year old son tossed it in the pool while i turned around,  I had no idea they destroy so fast!

  • Kelsie

    Hope the kid’s alright.. lol I feel bad for your wallet, in the long run 😛 Just think, if he/she is doing that at 2, what’s in store for the next 16 years??

  • mike w

    a glass and mirror shop could easily repair that..

  • Deannie Mayberry

    I have come to the conclusion that I will not have anything nice while there are still children in my house. I don’t have nice anything just serviceable.

  • Amanda Bernard

    wow that sucks! I refuse to buy anything that is nice and expensive while my children live at home lol

  • Owen Thomas

    Well, at least the kid has better taste than the mom. 😉