Mom! I made a family out of underwear cushions!

My daughter decided to create an art piece on her bedroom door. I am glad that her “underwear cushion family” seems to be a happy one.

Submitted by: Judith M.



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  • Emily Kaufmann

    That made me burst out laughing

  • Paula Lee

    Too funny!

  • Frankie Howerd

    day 12 and 13 looked shitty 🙂

  • Frankie Howerd

    day 12 and 13 looked particularly shitty 🙂 my son once kept a tampon in a box, drew eyes on and called it mousy.would show anyone who came to visit..One of my highlights 🙂

  • Caitlin Byers

    What is it with kids and maxi pads? My mom discovered my sister (she was about 3 at the time) in the bathroom with an entire package of them STUCK to her. She had peeled the paper off of every last one of them and had them double and triple stacked all over her body. Hahahaha

    • Anna Smith

      ya… my daughter too.. completely covering her body. So wish i had a pic!

    • Chris Rankin

      I remember being that age. I played with them mostly because I could not deduce a proper function for the damnable things.

  • Anonymous

    Underwear cushions! Love it.

  • Ingunn Fleten

    That is amazingly creative! Love it!

  • Ingunn Fleten

    That is amazingly creative! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter recently dumped a box of 92 into my toilet! Gotta love two year olds 🙂

  • Domenic N Jasmine Rendace

    hahah this is awesome! 😀

  • Kasi Klimstra

    LOL I love it…Underwear cushions *snort*

  • lje4747


  • Mandy Wells

    My younger brothers used ALL of my maxi pads and tampons once to play submarines and aircraft carriers in the tub.  My mom almost died laughing. I almost died of shame.  My brother in law also discovered that tampons burn in a rather interesting fashion. Don’t know why feminine hygiene products are so popular with kids. This post is so cute!

  • Jenny Ritter Sykes

    I’ve caught mine wearing them over boo boo’s many times.  And have lots of pics for their high school graduation.  No kids, not everything with a sticky back is a band aid!

  • Katherine Horn

    Hahaha!  This is a riot!

  • Kami Benson

    This made me laugh so hard my son kept asking what I was laughing at! My boys like to sneak my tampons into the tub! And I still find it hilarious that on the list of things my husband’s unit needed shipped to them overseas was tampons (in case of a wound). Does the military not provide the medics with bandages and other First Aid supplies? lol

    • Kaila Naylor

      Soldiers also use pads in the front of their helmets to absorb the sweat 🙂 We send them in every care package now

  • кαγ-кαγ- кαγℓαиα♫

    It took me forever to realize what they were. Then I started laughing uncontrollably! 

  • Tiffany Fluharty

    kids these days haha <3 

  • Christine Armington

    OMG I absolutely LOVE this one!!!!