After eating pizza at the computer, I left the dipping cup where my two year old could reach it. When she came wandering upstairs ten minutes later covered in sauce from head to toe, I thought that was the worst of the damage. I failed to notice the sauce trail up the stairs leading back to the computer for another twenty minutes. After popping every single key off the keyboard and cleaning with q-tips, the keyboard works again.

Submitted by: Janel



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  • Richard Downer

    you could have just rinsed it with soapy water, just need to Leave it to dry 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oh, MAN!! What wreckage!
    Kids are so good at stuff like this!

  • Addie Rose Henry

    Yes, keyboards ARE cheap, but the two year old was left alone for 10 minutes??  

    • Jordan LaFramboise

      Nowhere does this say the child was left alone for 10 minutes…

    • Randy Mapes

      I let my two year old play without direct supervision no problem.  They are capable and have a need to learn some independence.

    • Janel Mills

      I had no choice but to leave her alone for ten minutes.  I mean, these toenails aren’t going to paint themselves, right?

  • Kristin McGee Gates

    Wow,I would have gone to walmart and bought a $10 keyboard… thats a heck of a mess

  • miguel

    keyboards are cheap.

    • Sarah Sperka

      you’re cheap.

      • Daniel Young

        Farts are cheap, I give those away all day long.

  • Riley Kenz

    As a computer nerd, I feel deeply for that computer. But the keyboard can be cleaned, that’s fine. The keys come off and can be washed, and the case can be unscrewed and washed too. If there’s any sauce on the membranes, that can be washed as well. Pretty much the only part of the keyboard I wouldn’t be too keen on getting wet would be the circuit board, usually in a top corner or in the middle. 

  • Benjamin Nelson

    Wow I’m surprised the keyboard works after all that! I did rescue a Walkman that got left out in the rain one time but it wasn’t covered in SAUCE!