Daddy’s Cigars

cigars 1

We thought he was taking a nap, instead he found daddy’s stash of Cuban cigars.


Submitted by: Leslie



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  • Karen Kuecken

    Hmm.. Good thing.. easily vacuumable.. bad thing.. HOLY EXPENSIVE CIGARS TO HAVE RUINED! So sorry. This looks similar to what puppy teeth do to leather shoes! 😀 

  • Caycee McCallum Jopling

    my son did the same thing to a box of cigarillos – not as painful as cuban cigars but the mess was the same. plus the call to poison control to make sure if he had eaten any, he would have puked. Oh and no sheets, that sucks to clean up!

  • Anonymous

    Well, maybe he doesn’t like the smell on Daddy.

  • Ashley

    Oh what fun, my son found my cancer sticks and played with them for a few hrs….

  • Amanda Bernard

    YIKES! I hate it when you think they’re sleeping but in reality they are quietly destroying something :

  • Alexander Borsi

    Aww… Look at how he wants his daddy to live longer so that he can see him grow up and be around for when he graduated college, and not stuck in a oxygen machine trying to breathe with emphysema and/or lung cancer.

  • Anonymous

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  • Karen Niemla

    The kid’s right, you know.