Shattered Dreams


My husband and I have five boys ages 12 down through 2. Once someone told me it was amazing my house was still standing, and I laughed and wondered what the heck they were talking about. Now I know.

My husband is always telling me to keep the boys out of our bedroom because he hides his expensive flat screen in there along with his Xbox 360 and all his video games. Yet still, the boys always manage to sneak in there and play video games.

This particular day I was warning them to get out of there but they were really into some sports game. I wish I could take back that moment and actually MADE them get out…but I didn’t.  A few moments later I hear a *SMACK* and crying and then lots of “OH MY GOSH DAD IS GOING TO BE SO MAD!!!!!!!”  My heart dropped.

I didn’t even want to go look.  But I slowly walked in there, like I was in a bad dream.

Our 4 year old had gotten mad at the game because he was losing and threw the Xbox 360 controller into the TV.

We tried calling around but no one fixes broken LCD screens.

When my husband got home from work, I had to be the one to tell him. He just went into the room, shut the door, and sat in silence for a few moments. He didn’t scream or yell. I think he was beyond that!

My poor 4 yr old was crying and felt so bad. He even offered a couple of his quarters to daddy to help pay for a new one!

Submitted by: Bethany



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  • Daniel N. Bulliner

    been there done that my son put a seek and say threw a 60 inch projection tv

  • Jessica Ivan

    Time to put a lock on the door….

    • Mehtare Lingolien

      Little late for that, methinks….

  • Jessica Ivan

    Time to put a lock on the door….

  • Devon M Stewart

    Glad I don’t have one!  Glad I don’t have boys too…  That sucks.

  • Kami Benson

    Yikes! This makes me want to put a bullet proof glass case around our flat screen!

  • Vanessa Armstrong

    I have that exact same TV and with three broken lap top screens I know that sound and heart sinking feeling. All I can say is sorry and I wish somebody would make these screens more durable. Of Course not though, they make a boatload of off our kids!

  • Racheal Martinez

    oh my!! poor baby! I know that fear too well. My dad bought a new tv and  am here already worrying about keeping my now 4 mth old dd from getting that broken later on!

  • Terri Glenn

    Poor little guy, 4 year olds can’t predict consequences.

  • Christa Hess Goss

    And people wonder why I refuse to replace my old box TVs and digital rabbit ear combo- because my kids haven’t broke them yet!

  • Anna Sparkman

    Aaaand this is the exact reason ours is mounted on the wall above the fireplace.  It’s a LOT harder for thrown objects to hit it up there.

  • Annette Heathen

    AH! Our son did the same thing to the brand new LCD TV that grandma gave me for my birthday. 

  • Annette Heathen

    AH! Our son did the same thing to the brand new LCD TV that grandma gave me for my birthday. 

  • Kim Hendrix

    I would murder the sh*t out of my wife. I feel so bad for dad, after repeatedly telling her not to let the kids play with it. I can only imagine how he must have felt. And this is coming from a female with a 51” plasma.