Nothing Ruined But the Better Part of a Saturday Morning..

“Gee honey, isn’t it great that S is old enough to entertain herself for awhile??”

Quiet is NEVER good.

Submitted by: Rebecca F.



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  • Anonymous

    I seem to recall an album cover by Herb Alpert that looked a lot like this!

  • Jessica Ivan

    You call that RUINED? At least you can wash it off!

    • Robin M Phillips

      did you even read the title, she clearly stated Nothing Ruined.

  • Jon Thomas-Mackerelle

    Well at least shaving cream has cleaning properties

  • Heather Sutton

    LOL Well… at least she took her clothes off as to not get them all covered in the shave cream

  • Karen Werner

    Lol, can quiet children be trusted? Never, never-never-ever!!

  • Laurie Sayler Gales

    Absolutely LOVE her expression…”What?!? Don’t you LOVE my artwork, Mom? Well, don’t ya?!?” LMAO

  • Vanessa S Brown

    What a beautiful child!! Her expression is priceless-too cute to get very mad at!! Thank your lucky stars that at least she painted with something clean, with a halfway decent smell! 

  • Amanda Bernard

    Aww she looks so happy with her masterpiece 🙂 At least she removed her clothes, and if that is in fact shaving cream, it’s not too hard to get off, right? I’m just waiting for the day my kids attempt this 😛

  • Nicole Pink Brown

    she really is just too precious…

  • Anonymous

    Would it help if you bought some cheap shaving cream for your kids to have their day with during bathtime or outside? Your shaving cream gets saved for your face, and the kids can “let it out”.

  • Anonymous

    As for the “quiet” thing: Maybe reconsider before you tell your kids to “Be quiet”.

  • Juniper Jupiter

    She seems so smug!  😀