My Hope of Ever Finishing the Laundry

He throws it around house, mixes it with dirty laundry, on and on…



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  • Stephanie Sekellick Kelsey

    My son likes to wait until I have a full basket of clean clothes and then throw something into it to mess them up.

  • Anonymous

    Lord, I am there right now. Been sick for 3 weeks, the laundry seems endless….endless 🙁

    • Lauren Walker

      {{{Hugs}}}  Been there, done that!  I thought my house would have to be condemned by the time I got well!  Hope you’re better soon.

      • Anonymous

        Aww, thank you. That put a smile on my face 🙂

  • Shari Lancaster

    Yep…..I’m there…ALWAYS!

  • Amber Jacks

    My daughter doesn’t do it… my HUSBAND does!

    • Jodi Weathers Langlois

      that’s why I got rid of mine…well reason # 698 anyway

  • Jodi Weathers Langlois

    I really appreciate my 7 yr old’s response when I do laundry and put it nicely folded in her room…..typically there is crying and sobbing about how she “can’t put it away because it’s too much for her to do”…on special occasions I am greeted with a full blown tantrum that involves being on the floor, kicking, sobbing, lots of’s beautiful …….uuuummmm you wore it, you put it away..ya ungrateful lil turd bucket!

  • Jessica Weber

    Yep.  I’m on load number five today.  Now I’m washing blankets because my son is just gross…just gross.

  • Amanda Frazier

    Good luck I am still trying to break my husband of the same problem. 🙁 

  • Michelle Anglin Rider

    The only time I am EVER caught up on laundry is once every 4-5 months when my parents come to visit.  My Dad plays with the 3 kids and my Mom helps me fold.  People who brag about how they ALWAYS have their laundry done and beds made and still manage to shoot glitter out their butts can suck it.

  • Laurie Sayler Gales

    When my kids were growing up, the laundry was NEVER done! I had five, two sets of twins, and no dryer for about five years. I had two sets of clothesline, so they were almost always full! Let me tell you, those kids learned how to fold their own damn stuff pretty quick!
    They are in their 20s now and they thank me for teaching them how. They went to college and they were amazed at how many of their friends didn’t know anything about doing laundry!

  • Nicole Pink Brown

    I don’t know that laundry is ever “done”…

  • Anonymous

    I have a regular mountain of washing, waiting to be folded. Getting it in the washing machine and then in te dryer is the easier part. Folding it up and putting it away seemd to be the hard part these days. When a favourite toy is MIA, check the laundry mountain, it’s likely to be lost in there somewhere.  

  • Lauren Goldstein

    I am in college now and I was seriously shocked how many people still brought their laundry home for their parents to do, because they didn’t know the first thing about doing laundry. My brother and I have been doing our own laundry ever since we could see over the washer. If we didn’t help with the wash, we didn’t have clean clothes, simple as that. Thanks to all the parents who are teaching their kids to do things for themselves- it will really pay off later in life.