Toilet Reading

Nothing is safe from my son if the bathroom door is left open. Yuck.



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  • Anonymous

    All done!

  • Jeffie Lynn McKay

    I was reminded tha one of my boys once tried to flush an apple. It got stuck and my husband and brother in law had to remove the toilet(and contents) and remove the apple by hand. sigh.

  • kristin masker

    My son flushed a night light down the toilet a while back.  The next day my other son comes running down the stairs saying the toilet is clogged.  I made it as far as the kitchen when the water came POURING out of the ceiling.  Awesome.  My husband had to take the toilet out and get that stupid thing out of there.

  • Karen LoParco

    I am so grateful for this site and seeing all the things I need to “Ethan Proof”. He has already taken a toy shovel into the toilet and stirred it around, it is only a matter of time before he flushes something!

  • Amanda Bernard

    I just love how innocent his face looks. I wonder what the thought process was here?

  • Kate Duggan

    I’m assuming that the toilet paper roll is probably under all those magazines, hahaha

  • Ashley R Vaughn

    LOVE that the TP is missing.  We can’t have toilet paper on the roll, between our 11 month old and our 2 year old cat – it just gets dragged around the house. 

  • Charlene Castle

    Try emptying your overflowing trash can, maybe next time he’ll just throw stuff in there instead.

    • Shannon Toney Bowers

      Holy shit, are you serious??  Do you even have children???

    • Danielle Mellott

      Wow, really?