SMKR: My Relaxing Morning Coffee

My 16 month-old felt that his mini Tonka truck needed to go for a swim in Mommy’s morning coffee *sigh*

Submitted by: Sue&Yves



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  • Branda Johnson

    at least it was nearish being empty? better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all! ;P

  • John Ignaczak

    I’d still drink it…takes more than a truck to make me not want my morning coffee… 😀

  • Laura N Cats Rigg

    Gotta love kids. x

  • Melody Wilkinson

    Bahahah! My kid throws EVERYTHING in my tea, from toys to my cell phone!

  • Amanda Bernard

    I have learned to watch my coffee like a hawk. Because if one of my kids doesn’t put something in it, my cat will knock it over or stick his face in it and start drinking it when I’m not looking. :/

  • Kristen Laura-Lee Cousineau

     You fucking loser. Go F yourself. Its the one who mistakenly ad mined your piece of shit ass.