Pee Happens


I’m upstairs putting my 1yr down for a nap, when suddenly my 3yr old screams from the playroom, “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” and starts crying. I hurriedly put him in his crib, and ran in to see what was the matter, and she’s standing by our chair, screaming, “I PEED ON THE CHAIR! I’M SORRY!” We had a little chat about how she IS allowed to come upstairs to go use the potty… and then I snapped these pictures. I was looking for an excuse to get rid of this chair anyway… It’s the husband’s, and I hated it!


Submitted by: Jess



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  • Shawna Marie Shearer

    OMG… I just looked at this after I cleaned a giant pee spot off my couch left by my 4yr-old…. I need to start taking pictures.

  • Kira Leigh Caldwell

    dont feel bad, my three yr old went through a phase where she peed and pooped  everywhere.. even 8 months after she had been fully potty trained. My couch, my shoes, my bed, her bed, on her toys, inside her toy box we rented a carpet cleaner like once a week because nothing would take the pee smell out of my house. thank fully she has stopped but it was hell for months

  • Amanda Bernard

    Oh man, I have *so* been there! My son and I learned pretty quickly that he needed to sit on a towel wherever he sat!