Anneliese Made Her Do It


I still haven’t been able to find out where my 3 year old got the black sharpie from. When I asked her why she did that she said “Anneliese wanted to be pretty.”

Submitted by: Kristen



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  • Kristen Evard Itt

    My daughter does this all of the time so your in good company at least. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    my now 10 year old did this to her crib comforter (mom paid $200 for it!), and her wall and herself.¬† She even colored her tongue somehow, totally black.¬† Turns out, my oldest daughter, who was a teen had a friend who’d left her purse just a little too close to the crib. . .¬† poor kid was too scared to fess up.

  • Karen Haddrell

    I remember trying to put “make-up” on my dolls with markers. Before there were the washable kind. My daughter is now 14, and I have her first fabric doll still, just this week I’ve been scrubbing away at¬†the doll’s¬†face trying to remove the lipstickk stains, so I can pack her away for my future¬†grandkids…

  • insomniacgarage

    Anneliese can be made as good as new with anything that is nearly pure alcohol (isopropyl, butyl or ethyl), just apply to her stained areas and wash her.

    -longtime toy car collector who’s done the same thing with metal, plastic & wood toy cars stained with sharpie