Kindergarten Graduation Portrait

Our 6-year-old scholar’s kindergarten graduation photo was taken the day after an experiment with green Easter-egg dye. The photographer’s choice to put that one in front, highlighted against a white mortarboard, has got to have been intentional (and hilarious).

Submitted by: Jeremy



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  • Anonymous

    LOL!  They couldn’t have let him hold the cap in the other hand?

  • Heather Carey

    LOL would have been a complete shame if the photog had hidden that hand 🙂

  • Tammy Ann Hartland

    LOL He has his very own Hulk Hand!!!!

  • Juniper Jupiter

    Dexter’s hand.  XD 

    I don’t understand this Kindergarten graduation thing…I had 8th grade graduation and even THAT was slightly pointless…just give us a party.  😛

  • Brianna Borka

    Its one thing to celebrate kindergarten graduation (even if I think its pointless)…but really? a cap and gown? that’s going a bit too far. Save it for at least high school graduation.

  • Karen Haddrell

    Ahh the pictures you have to show the future girlfriends…