Marine education

Who said you need an education to get into marine biology, this is my son’s more practical approach with my $3000 training manual. He always was hands on.




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  • Anonymous

    $3000 training manual left within reach of baby that is too young to be left alone? Sorry but I have no sympathy for you.

    • Anonymous

      You are clearly not a parent.  

  • Anonymous

    Is he in the shower? Why was your trainning manual near the shower? where were you while hes in the shower, with a bucket and your manual?

  • Carole Cloer

    Yes, one learns better doing a task “Hands On” But kids to ” Keep your Cotton-pickin’ hands off” ( phrase my parents ALWAYS said to us) the  statue, book, china, jewelry, etc. 3K training manual! 

  • April Anne LaFrance

    Dude, WTH?? This one needs further explanation. I have billions of questions…

  • Connie Lopez

    without more of an explanation, I say mom or dad was to blame here.  What baby can resist a book with all those words and pictures???  I think if I had to pay $3000 for a BOOK I would keep it under lock and key!  LOL  Cute picture though!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think any parent posting to this site is saying that their kids are “to blame” for these things! One of my favorite things about the posts I read here are that the parents are able to laugh at themselves (and their kids) and are usually quite humbled by the experience. Why did I think that allowing my 8 month old to bang two OPI nail polish bottles together was a good idea?! Not sure. I’m a pretty intelligent person. But, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and functioning on about 3 brain cells after months of sleepless nights! It only became clear it was a bad idea when she ended up wearing “Lincoln Park After Dark”! *LOL*

  • Uberalice

    I’m curious about the manual as well. I’ve worked in that field and never had to buy something so expensive…I would have cried. 

  • spacecat1974n

    Pretty sure the  $3000 is a typo.  There is no way on earth a marine biology manual costs more than a 17″ macbook pro laptop.  Probably more like $300.  And kids are sneaky (and fast) so I can totally see the kid dragging the book into the bathroom while mama or papa’s back is turned.