One Tiny Bite is Enough for the ER

My two year-old was happily eating ice cream at a birthday party when I heard him crunching. On ice cream?! Upon closer inspection, he’d bit off a piece of spoon. Mind you, this was a heavy duty spoon! After lots of searching through the ice cream and interrogating a toddler, our pediatrician sent us to the Emergency Room. Three hours and two x-rays later, I have a lot more gray hair.

Submitted by: Valerie Stone



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  • Amy Klemp

    one of my boys did the same thing with a spork we stick with the toddler take and toss ware now. we just reuse they dishwasher clean great

  • Anonymous

    The same happened to me few times with those clear plastic forks. The tips of the tines break off, and next I know, there’s something in my mouth that’s too hard to be food. Spoons? it’s the handle that breaks. Usually when eating ice cream, because they cannot quite take the strain from scooping ice cream.

  • joey

    Just like splatman I’ve bitten some of the tines off plastic forks before, I eat ice cream with my tongue and lips though, I couldn’t imagine doing this. But hey, kids will be kids.