Brand New and Non-Machine Washable


My 2 year old darling started gymnastics. I bought a leotard that makes her look like a tube sausage. She loved it and was so happy to wear it on her first day of class. I was uploading pictures from her first class while she colored in the next room. Next thing I know she walks in looking like this. Those bingo dobbers are Satan’s spawn. The ink does not easily wash off and I found out AFTER stripping my child that her brand new expensive leotard is not machine washable. She looks remorseful right? Sort of. Later that day I got asked repeatedly what she did to give herself a black eye. So far CPS has not called my house.


Submitted by: Marcella



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  • Anonymous

    My top question: What on Earth is wrong with a company that makes a LEOTARD for CHILDREN that is not machine washable?!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously.  I don’t even have kids, and that was my first thought.

  • Anonymous

    I work at a dry cleaner and for the impossible stain, assuming it has not been set in by the dryer, rub a wet bar of Ivory soap on the stain and scrub gently to remove the stain and then hand wash as usual. Do not dry it until the stain is out. I hope this helps. I use Ivory at home for all of my kids’ “little mistakes” and in my opinion it works better than Shout!

  • Brenna

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as “non-machine washable.”

  • Bryan Pinkey

    She looks like Sally Who from Dr. Seuse! My daughter “Sharpied” my leather couch.

  • Jessica Ellingson

    i would soak it in water and hang it to dry. i would try the ivory soap trick. that is ridiculous that it isn’t machine washable!!! i have hand washed things that said that and not dried them, and they turn out fine.

  • Becky D

    She is soooo freaking adorable!! I have twin 2yr olds. I have learned to never ever take my eyes off them for any amount of time. Terrible two’s times 2!! Thankfully no cps for us yet either!! lol I may have to invest in Ivory soap for all our little stains. 🙂

  • Elsje Smart

    Anything that doesn’t survive my machine goes in the bin. Nothing has gone in the bin because of the washing manchine. I’m with Brenna on this one.

    Also, buy some washable felt tips for your two year old and put the other ones out of reach!

  • Stephanie Norris Skrabacz

    As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a bingo dabber.  It’s a look I remember well….

  • Sean Thompson

    Kids ARE machine washable despite what their labels say.

  • Lauren Eve Pomerantz

    1.  Why do you buy children’s clothes that aren’t machine washable?
    2.  Why do you let your child wear an expensive outfit bought for a specific purpose when she’s not doing that thing?  Would you let her play in the mud in her new Easter church dress?
    3.  Why do you have non-washable art supplies in reach?

    Seriously, 75% of the stuff on this site should be “Things I wasn’t careful enough with, so I let my kids get into it.”

  • Greta Ann Herin

    I used to think like Lauren Eve Pomeranz, but then God has given me many, many little attitude adjustments since then, at the hands of my own children!

  • Amanda Lenton

    So sick of seeing negative non-constructive responses. I admit that I’ve see things on here that make me think. “WTF were parents thinking when they put adult stuff in easy kid accessible places?” and “I know it took for then a few seconds to make that mess… where was the parent?” I have three children and have never had a mess like the ones displayed here…BUT on the other hand parents like myself are HUMAN and stuff does happen. We can be absent minded, forgetful, and have stupid moments just like anyone else. Hopefully everyone, parent or otherwise learns from mistakes, right? Something like this doesn’t make a parent unfit… It makes them human.

  • Amanda Lenton

    the sarcastic mean one I tried to respond to with this was deleted!!!!

  • Connie Lopez

    I don’t see remorse…I see anger that you are taking her picture!  LOL  She is adorable!!!