Grandpa’s Birthday Cake

“Hey honey, look at the cake I made for Dad’s birthday…ARGH! WHO TOUCHED THE CAKE?”

At least it was only Grandpa’s cake and not a customer’s!

Submitted by: Brittany



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  • Mary Goddard-Null

    on a side note…. love the argyle! lol

  • Anonymous

    But mommy! It needed a taste test before it was served to everyone else.

  • Aamanda Willey

    That’s an ARGH-yle cake

  • Mama Christine

    I like how bites are ONLY taken out of the black diamonds lol

    • Tracy Whipple

      that’s because fondant is nasty

  • Anonymous

    I dont have a picture of this, just a mental image. My neighbor made my daughter’s wedding cake, 3 huge square layers. She had them cooling and her 2 yr old climbed up on the kitchen table and was eating away at the largest layer! 18 by 18 couldnt be repaired as he was eating by the handfuls out of the middle!

  • Jill Chongva

    Amazing cake – kid touched or not! 🙂