Collector’s Item Out the Window

Oh, this site kills me. I must submit…

Our son Bram, who is three, is ‘technical’. He wants to know how things work. He’s a man. I try to understand that, I do. I give him space to discover and respect that he is learning and ALL of that. But this just went too far. I bought this Star Wars piggy bank years ago, and it was to ensure a financially comfortable life one day when it could potentially be worth tons and tons of money. But instead of keeping it in mint condition like I probably should have, I let Bram ‘play’ with it. There went my trust fund, and by the look on Bram’s face, he didn’t exactly expect the thing would break either…

Submitted by: Lizanne Hennessey



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  • Anonymous

    If it’s any consolation, you can buy a new one on eBay for $5. Or mint in box for $60. Then put it away, far out of reach!

  • Sooyong/クリス

    Normally I’d feel sympathy for the parent, but it’s not like he ended up “getting to it” somehow; she LET him to play with it. No surprise that this happened.

  • Lizanne Hennessey

     I think he was trying to re-enact Episode IV… his love for Star Wars is established, which is more valuable than the thing anyway! Also, glad to know it wasn’t a collectable after all!! lol Thx for posting this, SMKR!!