My Boys Made Me Breakfast


The morning of a weekday my husband decided to let me sleep in. He usually wakes me up before he leaves for work. For some reason he felt the need to allow me to sleep and I obviously needed it. I didn’t hear a thing going on in the kitchen and this is what I woke up to. “Look mommy we made you breakfast!” Oh Yummy I always loved Maple Syrup with green peppers. I am so surprised that I kept my cool. What a sticky, gooey mess.



Submitted by: Lisa



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  • Carissa Robidoux

    oh no!!!! I hate waking up to messes!!! hope your day went better after that!

  • Melinda Mindy Espinoza

    What a mess! But a thoughtful sweet mess. LOL

  • Jessica Casteel

    looks like they were going for an omelet w/ peppers

  • Tami Shively Jonker

    Oh. My. But hey.. Can’t blame them for trying.. I think… Maybe?… Time to get out the Greased Lightning… 😀

  • Crystal Williams

    Well at least you can wash off the veggies. The waste of the eggs, syrup and milk would have made me cry!

    • Sara E Anderson

      You could almost convert it to a french toast batter.

  • Tanya Childs Pancorvo

    You did make your husband (the wonderful one who let you sleep in) clean it up right? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I like the one lonely zucchini bobbing out of the eggs on the left. 

  • Orsi Kokai

    Aside from the enormous mess, that’s really sweet of them to try and make mommy breakfast.

  • Linda Sneddon

    Is that a full 2 dozen eggs!?  Cook it and see what you end up with. And then make your husband eat it for dinner. Hope he’s hungry! lol

  • Stephanie West

    sweet, but…
    maybe cooking lessons are in order for the next time you’re allowed to sleep in?

  • Michelle Martin Chambers

    please tell me your hubby cleaned it up, so you could go back to bed?

  • Anonymous

    Time to get a new alarm clock.

  • ashley m

    I know it was terrible, but I am proud of your kids for not adding egg shells to the mixture.

  • Anonymous

    Um…  thought… counts… 

    Screw that, I would have thanked my husband and sent him pics at work.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is something I will never, ever have to deal with! Have fun cleaning that mess!

  • Candi Kay

    Ahhh this look familiar… At least they didn’t dump the mix on the heater to   “cook” it!

  • Anonymous

    That shows initiative, and caring. Messes go away, but that warm loving feeling doesn’t. I say, bask in the glory.

  • Felicia Sawyer

    Time to start letting the kids help you cook more! Let the cooking lessons commence!

  • Kristian Brasel

    when the kids are up quiet is never a good thing lol. you never hear it coming.

  • Jane Smith

    Well, it could be worse.  They could’ve been playing with knives or bleach while you were sleeping.  What the hell was your husband thinking?

  • Sue Ann Margaret Cross

    I LOVE IT! That’s happened to me before. Hubby left for an errand while I was in the shower. When I got out to see the mess, it was back into the shower to spray down 3 kids! My “breakfast” included the new 5lb bag of flour though.

  • Squarejane

    so… how was it?

    [ j ]