Creation of the Sh*t Shield

One week old and already causing destruction. Mom and Dad have learned to speed up their diaper changes. In the meantime, the sh*t shield will have to do…

Submitted by: Laurel Harris



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  • Devon M Stewart

    Pretty sure that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a long time… 

  • Melinda Boutch

    Poor Sam. He got sprayed 🙁

  • Susie Somday Johnson

    Yes…it’s unfortunate that more new parents are not warned about projectile poopies.  I’ve lived that experience and I try to let all new parents that this is a very real possibility.  Knowing is half the battle.

  • Jessica Badousek

    Bahaha, our oldest did that to my hubby once. Straight up his arm and over the shoulder.  It was amazing.  And gross.

  • Anonymous

    Hey that’s great poop for one week old. Keep up the good feedings mom!

    • Laurel Cashen Harris

      Dad didn’t see it that way… he was the one that was catch in the crossfire. Thanks though! Guess there’s always a silver lining. 

      • Renee Centore-Kelly

        LOL, you know you’re the parent of a baby when you can even tell what other babies eat by their poop…

  • Daniel Branescu

    Oh man that’s just vile. What do you feed your kids to get them to launch such a fountain of fecal fury?

    • Candi Lynn Walkowski

      Everything everyone else did. Projectile poop is pretty common. Every parent I know, including mine, has their poop stories.

      When my son was a week old, he pooped through a Huggies diaper, a onesie, two blankets, all over my arm and the floor.

      To add to the mess, I stepped in it twice while panicking, trying to make heads or tails of where do I even start to clean up at.

      If this site was around, I most certainly would have taken pictures and shared.

  • Amanda Bernard

    Oddly enough, I have two children and have never had this happen. They’ve pooped through some diapers into their clothes though, oh and once my oldest pooped on the floor and tried to eat it (he was like 2). My youngest used to poop in the tub…no matter if you just changed him or whatever, he’d wait until he was in the nice warm relaxing bath to let it out….scooping poop out of the tub…the things you do as a parent! Great idea with the shit shield by the way, I love that!

  • Tara Crowley Rinaldi

    Now THAT’s my Grandson!  I’m such a proud Bubbie.

  • Tara Crowley Rinaldi

    Now THAT’s my grandson!  I’m a very proud bubbie.

  • Andrea Lee

    LOVE the sht shield!!!  What a great addition to the standard baby gear!

  • Sarah Cook Yoesting

    Oh my goodness…been there lol

  • Andrea Somers

    lol My son once pooped across the living room and over a pill of fresh cleaned laundry. It shot at least 6 feet. I learned never to push on a tummy and help them to get the gas out without a diaper on.

  • Crystal Kelly Yzaguirre

    one time my son was sick and we took him to the er. At the exact moment the nurse went to take his temp he had some explosive diarrhea. Poop is the one thing I literally cannot tolerate and it was EVERYWHERE and all over me. I quickly handed him to the nurse, ran over to the sink and threw up. My most traumatizing infant memory