Sleepless in Brooklyn

This was a 45 dollar Swedish orthopedic pillow specially designed for ‘side-sleepers’.   It moulds to the shape of your head and neck through the night and was one indulgence I had never regretted.

My 5 year went down for a nap on my bed and took issue with this pillow. That’s the zippered pillowcase on the right there. How and why?? Why and how??? There are no answers to these trick questions.

Submitted by: SLM



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  • Chantelle Esteb Morris

    OH NOOOO!!!! I have that exact same pillow and would be DEVASTATED if something was to happen to it!! My condolences 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you poor thing:( Can u glue it back together? :/


    next time he’ll be napping in his own bed won’t he.