The Breadening


I left the loaf of bread on the bench, waiting for toast to pop and obviously that wasn’t good enough for my impatient 18 month old boy. (Note: not the 3 year old girl in picture) This happens a lot! When he’s hungry he gets into the fridge and grabs every egg and smashes it in the playroom on carpet. He even broke the lock of the fridge just to get into it! We dubbed him “Hulk baby”, since he first ripped the fly wire screen off its rails at 10 months old.

Submitted by: Samantha Broes



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  • Devon M Stewart

    Do they have anger management for small children?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe feed him more often!   LOL  

  • Linda S

    Hulk baby hungry… need food NOW!!!

  • Jenn Nagel

    I call my 2  yr. old BamBam because he’s got a thick build, big hands & feet and he is so rough and tough…beating on his 4 1/2 yr old sister, breaking stuff, LOL!  Your “hulk baby” comment made me laugh 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Love the Bambam nickname. Boys don’t know their own strength. 🙂

  • Reverend Dean

    try some parenting….

    • Ellie Machado

      Try some STFU.

  • Jim Cooksey

    Parenting! How about some DISCAPLINE! it is ONLY ABUSE if it leaves marks! spanking your child is NOT AGAINST THE LAW, BEATING THEM IS.. Get a book on parenting. I see locks on the cabinets! you have NO CONTROLL IN YOUR HOME! Your part of the problem… this aint funny this is sad. try spending enough time with them that they don’t feel the need to get your attention by destroying shit. If you spent less time taking pictures and posting them and more tiem playing with them ….. maybe your kids would not be able to take EVERY EGG with out you noticing!

  • Anonymous

    Hulk Baby! LOL That’s great! My nephew was the same way. Didn’t know his own strength.

  • Luna

    WTF is with the trolls? 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, let’s hire Hulk Baby to smash those trolls to pieces.

      • Luna


  • Patricia

    My daughter was awesome at getting through child locks. We use a bike lock for the fridge now.

  • Angela Mayo DuFault

    I guess SOMEBODY didn’t read the rules on this site! I love the hulk baby and BamBam. I have a similar problem with my three yer old and the freezer (we have the fridge where the freezer is on the bottom). Those “baby locks” don’t last…I’m gonna try the bike lock…

  • Mallory Knox

    It’s really sad that you know and expect your child to take eggs and smash them on the carpet. What a horrible person he’ll grow up to be.

    • Anonymous

      me hulk father , not like comment , me angry, hulk baby not angry just strong, pfft lady

    • Candi Lynn Walkowski

      How does smashing eggs make a child a bad person? My son’s the sweetest and quietest kid on the block (I’ve had parents try to “trade” with me since he was a baby), and he could go through a pantry, fridge, or closet in a heartbeat.

      It doesn’t help that he climbs.

      Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

  • Anonymous

    Note: He is already the same height and weight as our 3-year-old girl. Safe to say he is well fed thank you trolls! 😛

  • Anonymous

    The egg incident has not been repeated, the eggs were moved to a safer location.