Baby Alive my A$$…


So my 7 year old gets Baby Alive for Christmas last year, loves the doll. A couple of days ago the 7 year old and her 4 year old sister, get an idea the doll is real, or alive like Chucky. So a pair of scissors and a few minutes later, voila. Baby not so alive.

Submitted by: Stephanie Walker



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  • Heather McCollum Schebel

    The problem starts with 7 and 4 yr olds knowing about Chucky.  That’s just inviting creepy!

  • Anonymous

    yeah yeah ….. you’re probably one of those people that boycott Halloween too. *eye roll*
    On a lighter note, I was about 6 yrs old when baby alive came out. I begged for that doll! It was sound activated. I had a friend over one night and we were goofing off when the doll just started talking! I had, by that age, also seen Child’s Play. That doll was a goner!!

    • app

      Baby Alive didn’t talk. It’s the doll that chews food and craps, rather than just drinking water and peeing.

      • Mary Caffrey Newlove

        Mine talked.

      • Anonymous

        It did all of the above. I’m not sure if it was the “Baby Alive” doll, but pretty much the same thing…

      • Melissa Seifman

        Have you seen the new doll… it breast feeds *rolls eyes* kids put on a special apron with “nipples” and the doll sucks away…that’s just.. WRONG in a doll

    • J

      LOL that happened with my son and TMX Elmo! he was 3 and it fell off the shelf in his room and said HAHAHA that tickles. That was it, that thing ever came back in his room again.

  • Michele McGinty McHugh

    Is this how young Frankenstein started out?

  • Emily Phelan McGillicuddy

    I think she was saying they thought it was alive, and referenced Chucky for our visual.  Not necessarily that they know about him.  On a side, I am STILL not right after seeing that movie, or Jaws… or Night of the Living Dead, which my dad lovingly let me watch when I was about 4.  🙂  And I LOVE Halloween!  I love scaring myself.  I’m just not a fan of the dark or deep waters.  Hahaha!!!! 🙂   You should DEFINITELY keep this doll to show them in the future.  

    • Cyndi Davis

      Or the Ring, or the Ring 2, or the Strangers…a while childhood of Twilight Zone and Night Gallery… My Mom actually called me after SHE saw Jaws and told me to never swim in the ocean again. LOL

  • lizzie

    I just peed myself a lil after reading this.

  • Brooke Willard

    More like baby undead!

  • Shani Moore

    The original Baby Alive doll that came out in the 80’s didn’t talk. I had one- yeah, I’m that old 🙂

  • Maxine Ellinor

    what did u just did to the baby??!i think u are the lucky ones who got the baby alive and just waste it ??!!u are bad,cruel and and every girl wants it and you are gonna destroy it??

  • No more kids!

    OMG my dad let me watch chucky and chucky’s bride when i was younger that is the worst mistake a parent can make. I took all my dolls and put them in a bin bag i didnt look at them for a long time expecially my teddy with the red eyes oh yes i had nightmares for years! Im glad I kept her tho she still looks scary but im keeping her for one of my future grand kids one day when they will probably deface it and rip her to shreds. ahh life.