My Son + Toilet training seat = Trip down fire station


I was hoovering, turned around, and this is what i saw! Went down the fire station, had them all trying to amuse him whilst one was cutting it off him, was soo funny! A fireman came up to me after with the report and said to give it to future gf’s and use it at his wedding if you can! haha!

Submitted by: Savannah Banks-Gould



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  • Jennifer Briggs

    OMG.  There aren’t words……

  • Devon M Stewart

    OMG, too funny… Glad he’s all right (though he won’t be at his wedding….)  LOL

  • Michele Abbruzzese

    My son almost did the same thing, luckily I pried it off before it got it all the way over his head.

  • Mike Howard

    my 4 year old did the same with a plastic chair. She calls them fire boys and has a crush since.

  • kmeltzer3

    OMG what is that?

  • Amanda Bernard

    Haha! lol oh you must definitely pull this out at his wedding, to show everyone how far he has come 😛 Funny how easily it goes on the head, but how hard it is to get off the head lol

  • Rhonda Knapp

    my daughter did this a few years ago as well.  It was cute when it was a crown but as a necklace, not so much.  We ended up using kitchen knives to break it apart. 

  • DD

    You might want to remove her name from this post.

    This actually got pretty big on Reddit and being able to find her full name on a site like this is NOT GOOD (if you know anything about Reddit.)

  • Phi-Anh Young

    my daughter got her around her waist unfortunately there was not fire station visit but there was a flip video ….

  • Michelle Partin

    We can relate, although ours had a hinged ladder.  We couldn’t drive to the station, they had to come to us…firetruck and all!
    As they drove up the fireman in the passenger side started to giggle and take pictures!