Late Night Finger Painting


Last night my darling 4 and 5 yr old kids decided to finger paint while the hubby and I watched some tv. I had already put the in their separate rooms and they sleep upstairs so you would think we would have heard one of them come downstairs and go into the kitchen to get my cake decorating set out of the cabinet and painted my son’s bedroom wall and closet. Yes folks that is food coloring gel for tinting icing not finger paint. Needless to say they lost all of their toys till they start acting right.



Submitted by: Liberty F.



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  • Anonymous

    Is that a “picasoesque” Jesus in the carpet?

  • Abigail Brandt Blake

    oh dear … well, as my Mom would say, “At least they are creative!”

  • Rosalie Roux

    4 & 5 year olds should know better than to do that.

  • Melanie McKean Armas

    I’m thinking bells, lol. You know those annoying anklets girls get that jingle when they walk… I see those in your future 🙂

    • Cindy Myers Paigen

      I have those on my almost 2 year old for this Very Reason. They work amazingly well.

  • Nastassia Bushey

    Wow. I’d be pissed. My 4 year old recently did this, but with poop, not food. I would take your mess any day compared to it. =/

    • Liberty Vancil-Flowers

      The have done the poop on the wall too.  They just don’t stop! Last week my son drew a rooster sitting on a ball with permanent marker on my livingroom carpet. I did get it out!

    • Juli Van

      I don’t think food coloring comes out it’s like spilling dye on the floor. At least it’s pretty

    • Phi-Anh Young

      poop comes out pro food coloring… not so much

  • Dorene Camp

    Hope you own and don’t rent. lol

    • Liberty Vancil-Flowers

      Oh dont worry we own and we wont be picking beige for the carpet…

      • Phi-Anh Young

        did you have to repaint too?

      • Phi-Anh Young

        did you have to repaint too?

  • Dorene Camp

    when you replace the rug do yourself a favor and don’t pick beige.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree, it’s very nice artwork. Keep the pics and frame them someday as presents for newlyweds or new parents. Also like the bells idea, although my kids were so sneaky, they could’ve found a way to keep those quiet and still creep out of bed to watch tv from the end of the hallway.

  • Jodi Weathers Langlois

    this is exactly why my floors and walls are the color of ketsup,blood, vomit, boogers and koolaid

  • Tami Shively Jonker

    Oh. My. I honestly can’t find anything funny about this one my dear.. I’m a cake decorator and I know how badly those colors stain.. :/

  • J

    I have similar pictures, but with model paints. 

  • Vickie Bandalan

    WOW – the handprints on the wall remind me of The Blair Witch Project….. *yikes*  

  • Saundra Kirkpatrick

    aww it’s pretty lol