Bean Bag Hell!!


Never leave your children alone with a bean bag in the summer when you’ve just been talking about how long it is until the winter snow… look daddy we’ve made summer snow!!

Submitted by: Jarm



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  • Anonymous

    GOL. (Gasping out loud.)

  • Tricia Switzer Smith

    been there only with a days worth of shredded paper pulled out of the garbage bags.  

  • Amy Colburn Cook

    My kids did that a few months ago.  And I have pictures to prove it, too.  😉  I’m still finding styrofoam.

  • Libby Summers Boucher

    And those little beads go absolutely everywhere, you’ll be finding them for months!

  • hellyfelly

    This (and the threat of suffocation) is exactly why I sewed the zippers of my kids beanbags closed.  I actually refilled them once and those little balls are the worst things to clean up.  You’ll be finding them for years.

  • Nastassia Bushey

    BTDT. Be careful those little balls will clog the vacuum filters. Not just that, but they also will stick to the vacuum and everything else when you are cleaning them 🙁

  • Kay-Lynn Marie Pack

    I remember when I was 4 I did the same thing only it was powdered laundry soap and all over the porch outside. I wanted to go snowmobleing with my dad and my mom said it had to snow first. LOL I am now 35 y/o and remember the spanking that I got and the time in my room. We will just say that I never did that again.

  • Wendy Vinall Cohen

    Shop vac?

  • Sarah Swenson

    be careful!  if those get into the lungs, they can’t be removed!

  • Katie Walker Armstrong

    omg yea, i actually heard of that killing a child, they opened one and played in the beans and inhaled them. The article showed pictures of the childs lungs opened up (they were filled with the foam)